• Pull List- A Batman Shocker, X-Men Reveals, & Rocket Raccoon Brings the Feels

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  • Pull List- A New Day For Mutants, The Return of the White Knight, & Jane Foster

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  • Pull List- Midgard Fights Back, Batman Loses, & Big Naomi Secrets Revealed

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  • Avengers Endgame Review- A Love Letter of Epic Proportions

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  • The Future of Thor

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  • Pull List- War of The Realms Continues, Batman’s Knightmares End, & GotG Finds Gamora

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  • I Am Geek MCU Movie Rankings

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  • Captain Marvel Review- The MCU’s Future is Bright

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  • Pull List- Double the Donny Cates, Avengers vs Vampires, & New Mark Millar

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  • Pull List- GotG New Team, Who Is Naomi, & New Buffy Origin

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