Pull List- New Guardians of the Galaxy, A Wonder Woman Celebration, & More X-Men Pirates

And on the third day of the week, we shall have New Comic Book Day and it shall be most fantastic. That’s right Geeklings, it’s Wednesday so you better be shucking those buns to your local comic book shops or Comixology to get this week’s haul of new comics. “But Kevin, how will we know what we should be reading?” Geeklings, that’s why you’re here at the Pull List. Comic book recommendations for daaaaaaaaaaays. I almost threw a “z” at the end of that but it just didn’t feel right. It made my soul feel a little soiled so I stuck with the traditional “s” and tacked on some extra “a’s”. #writinginsightyoudidntaskfor

There are a bunch of excellent reads on tap for today so what do you say that we just jump right into things. Let’s kick it off with a brand new number one from Marvel…

Jan 22 2

Guardians of the Galaxy #1- For those of us who are still grieving Donny Cates’s outstanding yet far too short run with the Guardians allow me to give you a sigh of relief. The Guardians are getting a brand-spankin’ new ongoing series and it’s written by the kickass Al Ewing. You’ll know Ewing from his terrific Immortal Hulk run and I fully anticipate him to bring that kind of creative, game-changing mindset here to our family of space misfits. After the stress of saving the galaxy, yet again, and nearly losing Rocket, the Guardians are looking for some peace and quiet. A vacation if you will. Not something that really is gifted to those who protect the galaxy. Enter the Gods of Olympus and their desire to build the universe in their image. With art from Juan Cabal, I fully expect Guardians of the Galaxy to become your new favorite read out of the Marvel Universe.

Jan 22 1

Wonder Woman #750- Milestone issue alert! We got ninety-six pages of Wonder Woman awesomeness within this book from a team of terrific writers and artists. Seriously. We got stories from Steve Orlando, Greg Rucka, Gail Simone, Scott Snyder and Kami Garcia with artwork Travis Moore, Laura Braga, Riley Rossmo and so much more. If you woke up this morning in the mood to celebrate our Amazon Princess then this is the book for you. While this issue doesn’t look to progress the narrative too much there are some stories here that hint at what the future may hold for Wonder Woman. As is the case with most of these massive, celebration issues this tends to be a book that has a number of different stories celebrating the history of the character. And sometimes it’s alright to take a step back and be reminded of why Wonder Woman is so important to not only DC but comic books in general. 

Jan 22 3

Batman #87- James Tynion IV’s Batman run is already on its second issue and things are getting bananas. They tend to when Slade Wilson comes to Gotham. What’s great about this issues is that we get the re-emergence of the Riddler. A character who has kind of been hiding since the “War of Jokes and Riddles”. Of course, he made some appearances during “City of Bane” but nothing that really brought him back to the forefront. Until now that is. What does the Riddler have in store for Batman and Gotham? Is he the person that Slade is there to kill? Tynion isn’t wasting any time cranking the volume up to eleven and adding a new layer of darkness to the Dark Knight. If you were looking to rest after the “City of Bane” arc then you’ve come to the wrong place. There’s no resting in Gotham… ever. Seriously has to be the worst place to live. Why don’t people move?! I just don’t understand…

Jan 22 4

Once & Future #6- At this stage in the game if you’re not reading books written by Kieron Gillen then what are you doing? This guy makes amazing comics and it’s come to the point if his name is attached then I’m reading no questions asked. Once & Future is an excellent example with his modernized/twisted take on the tale of King Arthur. Issue six is a pivotal point in the story, not just because it’s the end of the first arc, as Duncan has to come to terms with his role in this universe. He’s been trained for this moment his whole life. Now is the time to step up and try and defeat the King of the Britons… or possibly turn his back on his destiny. Once & Future is a gripping tale that you need to get on board with as soon as possible. Dan Moras art is phenomenal and feeds perfectly into Gillen’s scripts and you’ll find yourself begging for the next issue.

Jan 22 5

Marauders #6- It wouldn’t be New Comic Book Day without a new X-Men comic and Marauders continues to be my favorite post-HoX/PoX X-book. We’ve spent a lot of time with the Hellfire Club, the Red Queen, and the shipping of life-saving drugs for humans. What comes next? Well, how about a book that is full of twists, turns, and surprises. Issue six looks to reshuffle the board and things are getting bonkers. All I can tell you about this one is, you. Are. Not. Ready. Or maybe you are… what do I know? 

Honorable Mentions- Batman Curse of the White Knight #6 & Basketful of Heads #4

There you have it Geeklings, all the best books to get your mitts on this week. As always, if you feel like I left anything off this week’s Pull List be sure to let me know in the comments. If you’d like to talk more comics with yours truly then you can find mover on Twitter @iamgeek32. Drop me a line and we can talk all the comics you want. In the meantime, I’ve got some books to read as do you. I’ll see you all here next week. Happy reading and many huzzahs!


Images from Marvel, DC, Boom Studios, and 


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