Suicide Squad Trailer- Important Questions About Starfish

It’s a rainy Tuesday out in my neck of the woods. The humidity is at that gross level where when it’s not raining you wish it was to purge the air off your skin. You want to not sleep with the air conditioner but you also don’t want your bedding to get damp because of the air coming in through the window you have to keep open because it’s too hot otherwise thus leaving you in a world where the bedroom is too cold and the rest of the apartment is just…gross. Not the world I want to live in on a Tuesday.

If only there was something to free me of this weather prison. Something that could alleviate the monotony of work. Something that could bring stupid amounts of joy that will carry over throughout the rest of the day. Something, say, about two and a half minutes long. Where could one find something that fits that very specific criterion?

What’s that internet? You think you might have something that fits the bill?

Ask the and the universe will provide, sometimes. James Gunn has released a new trailer for the upcoming Suicide Squad movie and it’s everything I needed to get through this crumby Tuesday. As someone who has already proclaimed his undying love for King Shark, I don’t mind that the trailer didn’t give us a lot of new footage on my new bestie as it keeps our shorts-wearing shark special like the precious boy he is. Plus, him on the walkie-talkie saying “bird” was plenty. Give me the King Shark/Groot spinoff you cowards!

This trailer made a point to prove that King Shark isn’t the whole movie, try telling my heart that, and showed that there’s an abundance of greatness for audiences to be looking forward to. Take Weasel if you can look past the fact that he’s apparently killed twenty-seven children (?!?!?). Everything about this dude looks whacked but you just know he’s going to bring a weird dynamic to the team, despite not being a werewolf, that’ll lead to some fantastic hijinks. Uncomfortable hijinks but hijinks nonetheless.

While Weasel and King Shark seemed poised to steal the show I’d be willing to put money on another. The more trailers I watch the more convinced I become that John Cena’s Peacemaker is going to be the true breakout star of this movie. Something Warner Brothers is hoping for too considering they’ve gone all-in on the character before the film’s release. I’m at the point where I know very little about the character outside of Cena’s well-timed deliveries and cool-ass helmet but I’m stoopid excited for his upcoming HBO Max series. If we can get more line readings like the starfish comment and what he would do for freedom then I’m all in.

I dig putting Idris Elba’s Bloodsport at the emotional center of the film. It strikes those Will Smith/Deathshot vibes which I’m sure will have the snarks commenting how they’re the same character. Insert eye roll here. I don’t know, for me, Elba just brings an intensity that Smith can’t. Just look at that scene where he has that knife at Waller’s throat. I believed he was capable of stabbing the neck of the baddest woman in the DC Universe (don’t at me). Nothing against Will Smith but I don’t think he can bring that moment to the same level.

And Margot Robbie’s Harley Quinn… there’s something special about a character being able to drop a line about taking a dump and not only making it funny but somehow endearing. I can’t wait to see how Gunn uses Quinn. Hands down she’ll be the movie’s secret weapon. Her and Starro.

How about you Geeklings? Has this trailer made you more excited, less excited, or same levels of excited for the upcoming Suicide Squad film? What are you looking forward to the most? Did you wish for more King Shark or were you happy with getting a better glimpse of Weasel? Sound off in the comments or throw me a line over on Twitter @iamgeek32. We’re only two months away from this gem and I’m counting down the days with my King Shark calendar. 

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