Avengers Endgame Trailer- Whatever It Takes

I was talking with a friend of mine the other day, we were both glowing in the awesomeness of Captain Marvel. We were breaking down the movie and what it could mean for the MCU going forward, and looking towards the horizon. Towards Endgame. I said to my friend, I wouldn’t be surprised if Marvel dropped the next trailer this week. We know who Carol Danvers is now. There’s nothing to hold back in that regard. They can give us a full trailer and ride the hype train that has been coming off the success of Captain Marvel. It just made a lot of sense, but I say a lot of things that I want to happen that don’t necessarily actually happen. But I felt confident.

That was on Monday.

I arrived at work today in a really good mood. Yesterday was a super productive day here at I Am Geek as I was able to get a ton of writing done with a lot of exciting content for the site. Things like that always make me feel good. I was settling down to my desk for the work day when my phone chirped. It was a Twitter alert from Twitter. I can’t recall ever getting an alert from Twitter like that so I was curious. All it said was “Avengers Endgame trailer released”… and then my phone blew up.

Even with my wishful thinking, I wasn’t prepared for this moment. It came out of nowhere with no pomp and circumstance. Boom, trailer! After all the hype that surrounded the release of the first trailer, I was all for this type of release. It feels special and surprising. Almost like a gift. I did what I normally do when momentous pop culture moments arise while I’m at work, pretended to go to the bathroom so I could watch. That was a mistake. I spent the next two and a half hours of my morning trying to regain focus, but I couldn’t. All I could think about was the trailer. Theory after theory danced gleefully across my brain almost guaranteeing the fact that I was going to get no work done today. But I persevered though… barely.

Now we have what should most likely be our final trailer before Endgame is released next month and there is a ton to process. Outside of one major spoiler, which I’ll get to, I’m really enjoying how these trailers aren’t giving away the farm. I really couldn’t tell you what this movie is about, specifically, other than the battle for redemption. To avenge, pun intended, those who fell to The Snap. Outside of that, not a clue. I have theories, like this Ant-Man one I posted a bunch of months back, but other than that, I’m waiting to find out just like you guys and the excitement is going to be the death of me.

Two weeks before Captain Marvel dropped, I was still recovering from Infinity War almost as if I wasn’t ready for the MCU. Fast forward two weeks and all I can think about is the MCU. I’m ready. But I’m not. My heart is willing to be shattered. But it’s really not. I’m ready to be hurt again, but mostly I just need to know what happens next. How does this story end, if it does, for the majority of these heroes? I need answers, which leads us to today’s column. Let’s find some answers or some theories or just overall awesome things that were sprinkled about this final Endgame trailer. I’ve been waiting all day for this. Literally. Let’s break this baby down…

  • Right off the bat, I love the black and white flashbacks calling to the first Iron Man, Thor, and Captain America movies. Immediately it gives the trailer this air of finality and importance. Heartstrings will be tugged, hell, this trailer tugged on them, as we’re reminded where this all started. It’s hard to walk away from this without feeling that this is an ending. There’s a new start on the horizon but for these heroes… roads are coming to an end. I’m emotional.
  • The trailer doesn’t let up on the emotion either as we hear Tony Stark at his absolute lowest. Tough to hear Tony almost resigned to the fact that he’s going to die up there in space. Alone.
  • We get to see Hawkeye with his daughter and I immediately started thinking of Kate Bishop. For my comic readers, Kate is the other Hawkeye of the Marvel Universe. I love her character, read Fraction’s Hawkeye or Kelly Thompson, and the idea of her in the MCU is exciting. I can live with her being Clint’s daughter because it fits the continuity of this universe and would be a passing of the torch so to speak. Now throw in the fact that Cassie Lang, Ant-Man’s daughter, eventually joins the Young Avengers and I’m wondering if that’s what we’re seeing here. The introduction of another young hero to carry the torch forward.
  • Endgame 4
  • Sticking with Hawkeye for a minute but ignoring his glorious/ridiculous haircut, centering his beat in this trailer around his bond with Nat is a smart move. These are two people who have been connected way before they were Avengers. They’ve seen it all together and if there’s anyone who can pull Clint out of the darkness it’ll be her. Who could forget Budapest?
  • Anyone else think it was interesting that during Thor’s voiceover we got the black and white cuts of everyone turning to dust? Cap and Stark had their black and white scenes as flashbacks. Is this because Thor blames himself for everyone’s death? Is it possible to believe that by not going for the head, Thor is consumed with guilt? Out of everyone Thor has had it the worst. He loses his hammer, his home, half his people from a Thanos attack, Loki dies, and then The Snap happens and he loses another half of Asgardians. Dude could use a win… bad.
  • Explosion alert! Why? Where? A lot of Hawkeye in this trailer. Must be making up for his Infinity War absence.
  • In both the Super Bowl ad and this final trailer, we see the group heading to New York. What’s there? If I was placing a bet, I would say this is where they’re going to intercept Tony and Nebula. The post-credit scene of Captain Marvel all but confirms Carol doesn’t save Tony so maybe he saves himself and directs the ship to earth? I don’t know…
  • You guys heard Peggy Carter too, right?
  • Our first look of Rocket sees him paired up with War Machine which gets all the yes from me. These two are going to be incredible together. I also really enjoyed the goggles resting on top of Rockets head. I’m a sucker for animals with accessories.
  • “Whatever it takes” and 2019 suddenly has a catchphrase. Bring it.
  • Endgame 1
  • Chills seeing Steve Rogers in full Captain America uniform. That face of determination. The “I can do this all day” mentality with a hint of desperation. I’m not ready to see him die guys but I’m not holding out hope. But this quick glimpse is everything I would expect out of Steve Rogers. This is the man who caught Thanos’s Infinity Gauntlet with five stones.
  • Ant-Man jumps off a pencil. Where? Does something attack earth? Hard to imagine Thanos leaving his farm to attack the remaining Avengers just because. Is there another villain out there? If so, then who?
  • I had my doubts about the Quantum suits but after seeing them in a slow-motion walk, I’m here for them. Now the bigger question, what purpose do they serve and where are they going?
  • My main complaint with the trailer is the reveal of Tony on earth. I really wish they had saved that for the film. It’s a no brainer that he wasn’t going to die in space but still… let us worry. I have some theories on this that I might address later on. But I could have done without this reveal.
  • “I like this one.” Our first look at Captain Marvel and she is not intimidated by Thor in the slightest. It’s a small bit but it’s powerful. An excellent way to bring this trailer to a close. Oh, be sure to start shipping Thor and Captain Marvel now. I’m all about it. These two could start having babies right now and I’d be totally okay with it. Watch out Thanos!
  • Endgame 5
  • Speaking of Thanos, I think it’s incredibly important and such an incredible touch that he has not appeared in any of the Endgame trailers as of now. We caught just a glimpse of him walking through a field but that’s it. I feel like this keeps him important. Like he’s a force so intense and unlike anything else we’ve seen that giving him away in trailer almost weakens his dominance.
  • Ummmm, where’s Goose?

There you have it Geeklings, did I miss anything? Let me know, sound off in the comments. If you want to talk more Endgame with yours truly throw me a line on Twitter @iamgeek32. I am ready to break this baby down even further. If you’re looking for more I Am Geek MCU content then give our Captain Marvel review a read or our MCU movie rankings list (which has caused some tremendous debate). In the meantime, collect yourselves and get ready. We’ve got thirty-eight days till Endgame drops and there will be plenty more to discuss leading up to it. Good thing is I’ll be with you every step of the way… whatever it takes.

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