Week In Geek- Kingdom Hearts Returns, Umbrella School, & John Wick

Geeklings, it’s Monday. Normally that would be a bummer. It’s the start of the week, the weather people are already predicting that the temperature is going to drop to single digits by mid-week, you’re working on Saturday (or is that just me?), and… well, it’s just Monday. This should be a bad thing, but we here at I Am Geek don’t believe that to be so. We look at Monday and say “hey, what’s up pal? What do you got for us?” which then opens the door fooooooorrrrr

A new Week In Geek!!!

What a time to be alive my friends. Lots going on this week so if you’re ready let’s do this thing!

kh 31. Kingdom Hearts III– It has been thirteen years since Kingdom Hearts II was released, and while there have been a lot of side games within the series, fans have been waiting a looooong time for this sequel. Wait no more my friends! With Disney owning the rights to Marvel and Star Wars suddenly the possibilities for the Kingdom Hearts series are endless. I’m in a fickle spot because I haven’t played one of these games since the original and I never finished it but I really want to play this one. Ugh, expect a lot of your gamer friends to vanish this week as they dive deep into what is sure to be an awesome gaming experience filled with Disney easter eggs and heavy story emotions.

2. Umbrella Academy trailer- Somehow the first teaser trailer for this upcoming Netflix series slipped under my radar, and I’ll be damned if that happens again here. Based on the comic series created by Gerard Way, yes the lead singer of My Chemical Romance, and tells the story of six children mysteriously born on the same day all with powers and abilities. I would imagine that the show will jump around in time from the present day, where the group of children are a little messed up, to when they were children having their abilities harnessed. What follows? How do you feel about a group banding together to prevent the end of the world? Like it? Also, there’s a talking monkey. Umbrella Academy certainly looks to be a unique superhero television experience.

3. John Wick 3 trailer- John Wick rides a horse while being chased by motorcyclists with swords. It also may appear that John Wick kills someone with a library book. That is all.

4. Birds of Prey first look- Earlier this morning Margot Robbie gave us our first look at Harley Quinn in the upcoming Birds of Prey movie and I kind of geeked out hard. Couldn’t get the picture on our Facebook page fast enough. Shortly thereafter a small teaser video was released giving us our first look at just about every character involved in the film. This teaser did nothing to explain the story of the film. It was more intended to get the blood pumping for the movie and in that regard, it worked. At least for me. And since production literally just started, expect to see plenty more in the upcoming weeks.

There you have it Geeklings, there’s a whole lot to be excited about this week, and even more to come. I’ll be back tomorrow with my bold non-sports related Super Bowl predictions. In the meantime, what are you the most excited about this week? Sound off in the comments or throw me a line on Twitter @iamgeek32. See you all tomorrow!

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