The Joys of Powering Down

Heading into a two-week vacation, one gets certain expectations, Han Solo might have described them as delusions of grandeur. Besides all of the non-working, there are a ton of things one wants to get done for themselves. Whether it’s cleaning the house or seeing friends or maybe reading a book, every vacation comes with a plan and then vacation hits and that plan goes out … Continue reading The Joys of Powering Down

Bold Super Bowl Pop Culture Predictions

You would think as a fan of the New York Football Giants that this time of year would be a bit of a bummer for yours truly. That I would have zero interest in football and would rather spend most of my time either reading comics, binge-watching television, or any. Other. Thing. Than. Watching. Football. And while that seems sort of logical it isn’t the … Continue reading Bold Super Bowl Pop Culture Predictions