Funko Pop Vinyl Photo Challenge

Geeklings, yesterday while traveling through the interwebs I discovered something that had me tilt my head back in the classic “this man is thinking about something” pose as I pretended to ponder the possibilities of taking on a photo challenge. I say pretend because once you hear the subject you will know there was no way I wasn’t getting down on this. I did find the discovery of this challenge a bit weird because I was thinking about doing one of those for my Mom for the month of December (for those of you who don’t know my Mom takes awesome pictures! I’ll have to talk her into writing a post about it with some samples. Mom if you’re reading this, do it!) but she didn’t really seem into it (insert sad face emoji here). Every where on social media you see people doing all sorts of different challenges whether it be push-ups or pictures of pets or whatever but this one really spoke to me.


That’s right! Funko is hosting a December Photo-A-Day Pop Vinyl challenge and I am 99% sure that I’ll be participating. How could I not, honestly? It’s insane considering just how obsessed I’ve become with these little adorable/badass/super cool/highly collectible/awesomely unique figures I’ve become, but I am. There is so much joy that courses through my heart when I purchase (or am gifted) a new one to add to my diminishing shelf space. Seriously, I’m going to need a better way to display these things as I rapidly approach pop number one hundred (which will occur probably towards the end of the month). And this photo challenge allows them to be more then just shelf porn in the Fortress of Nerditude.

There was a brief moment where I thought that maybe I shouldn’t participate. I already post tons of pop vinyl pictures on my Instagram feed, but once I quickly thought it over, I thought this could be a unique and fun way to show off some of my pops that don’t get a lot of social media face time. Needless to say, I’m doing it! Apologies in advance to the thirty days of pop photos coming your way Geeklings (pssssst I’m not really that sorry and if you follow me then you should expect this type of stuff any way).

Now I would like to extend the challenge to you my fellow Geeklings. If you this is something that you’re interested in doing by all means join me in this adventure. And feel free to tag me in any or all pictures that you post. You can find me on Twitter or Instagram @iamgeek32 Looking forward to seeing your pops (that sounds unintentionally dirty…) and sharing in the fun. Let’s explore this pop community a bit more, shall we? Be sure to follow me on either Twitter or Instagram to peep my pics.

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