When Is It Okay To Give Up On A Book?

Geeklings, I’m having one of those moral dilemmas. It’s one of those moments where you have to hunker down and make a decision. Time is of the essence so to speak. Allow me to explain. I need to know if I should give up on the book I’m reading or not. Normally I hate doing that, I try to stick it out even if the book is terrible (unless it’s super bad and then I have no choice but to abandon ship), but I’m a little pressed for time.

You see, every year I set a reading goal for myself. It adds a little competition to the whole reading aspect. Who says reading can’t be both fun and competitive? Oooooooh, a competitive reading league? Picture it, two people read the same book and the person who finishes first is the winner. You can air it on the Ocho. There has to be some stakes though. What would happen to the loser? The winner could spoil the ending for them? That seems cruel. Or perhaps the winner tells them a possible ending and the loser has to decide whether or not to believe them by choosing to finish or ditch the book. I would totally watch that. Once. For a couple of minutes. At the very least it would be a great way to learn about more books.

As I was saying before my brilliant idea, I set a reading goal for myself every year and I’ve been really good at achieving it. This year I set the goal at thirty books which I think is totally reasonable. I only count the novels I read though and don’t count the many graphic novels that my eyes peep during the course of the year (side note my Good Reads challenge list is forty books because I count the graphic novels on there. My life is complex people.) Right now I am currently reading book twenty-nine and I’m about 38% through it according to Gandalf the Kindle, but here’s the problem. I can’t tell if I like it or not to the point where I’m worried that it could put my goal in jeopardy. Gasp

Here’s the thing though, by no means do I think it’s a bad book. In fact I find the book to be compelling and excellently written, but there are periods of the novel that are super interesting and engaging and other stretches where it kind of becomes over wordy, and I’d hate to say dull, so I won’t. Which then makes me question whether or not to stick it out or not (for those curious I’m currently reading Code Name Verity by Elizabeth Wein). This choice would be so much easier if it was April or May or something. I’d work my way through the struggle and pick up steam on another book, but so close to the end of the year I’m a tad bit nervous. I want to reach thirty books and I already know the next book on my list will be close to six hundred pages which will be a bit time consuming (for those wondering that book is City of Mirrors the conclusion of the Passage trilogy).

So Geeklings, what would you do? First off, have any of you read Code Name Verity? Those of you who have maybe you can tell me that it’s worth it. I already get the impression that it will be but the parts where it slows down concern me. The 38% of the book I have read has been impactful so I’d imagine the ending will be too, but I think I need that reassurance; for someone to say “hey you need to see how this ends”. As for the rest of you, what do you think? Is it easier for me to finish this book in the next week or so or just scrap it and start something new? And if I start something new won’t that put me further behind the eight ball? Ugh. My life is so hard. Help me.



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