The Week Funko Broke My Wallet

As far as pop vinyls are concerned, this week was supposed to be pretty simplistic. There was an announcement on Fridayish that they would start releasing some of the NY Comic Con exclusives starting Monday and that was cool with me. I love Comic Con exclusives, I basically just love Funko exclusives, and I’ll be attending NYCC which makes me feel like I’m in the loop. Pop vinlys for meeeeeeee. What could be better?

Well, Funko was like “hold my beer”.

Before the NY Comic Con exclusives were announced, Funko casually dropped the news that they’ll be releasing not one, but two, Pickle Rick pops thus making my life all types of complete. Just look at them! I want one for home and one for my desk at work. I’m sure that a mad scientist parading as a pickle is professional. Right?

Image result for funko ny comic con exclusives 2017 game of thronesImage result for funko ny comic con exclusives 2017 game of thrones

Don’t worry though, Funko eventually released the images of those NY Comic Con exclusives. Just a little Lyanna Mormont and Jaquen H’Ghar from Game of Thrones. No big deal or anything. Just keeping things casual. A pop has no name.

That was Monday.

Then Tuesday came bringing with it more NY Comic Con exclusives including a very old school looking Superman and that 8 bit Batman that I sort of maybe need… possibly. I’m not a huge fan of Superman but I do love that classic look. Thus far the releases for NY Comic Con have my interest.

Image result for night king dragon pop vinyl

Wednesday came along and melted my face by dropping the first image of the Night King riding the death ice dragon pop. I was literally just talking about this hopefully being a NYCC exclusive with the Adorable Creature and Funko goes and just throws it out there as a pop everyone can buy like it’s no big deal. The only down fall with this is I have to wait until the winter for it to be released. That’s a problem because I want it now. Like seriously, mail it to me so I can hang it from my ceiling while making dragon noises and playing Game of Thrones soundtracks. Hey, I’m a simple man.

Exhausted yet? Cause at this point I was pretty much losing my mind and figuring out what internal appendage I was going to have to sell on the black market in order to obtain some of these babies.

And that’s when Thursday hit.

No automatic alt text available.No automatic alt text available.

The day started off with the release of some Mad Max: Fury Road pops which I was surprised hasn’t happened yet. I absolutely loved this movie and as I’m looking at these pops I’m kind of struck with the urge to watch it again sooner rather than later. Mr. Robot and BoJack Horseman are high on the re-watch list currently though. As a matter of fact, this is the first movie I watched with the Adorable Creature. Just a fun fact for you guys. Seriously though, look at the fire guitar player and the chained up Max or any of the Furiosas… want, want, want, and want.

This was just a warm-up though because the real reveal wouldn’t happen until later in the day.

No automatic alt text available.No automatic alt text available.Image may contain: 4 people

Holy shit. I can’t even tell you how many of these I want. Actually, that’s a lie as I can absolutely tell you how many of these I want. I’m talking porgs for days or Chewie holding a porg or Luke missing his hand or maybe Snoke in that badass very Lannister like golden robe or perhaps that Kylo Ren with the scar because scars are cool or maybe even that storm trooper with the taser like weapon or… you get the point. I kind of want all of them especially the exclusives. Tonight just so happens to be Force Friday too which means Kevin will be scoping out some stores online in the hopes of nabbing one or two of these babies tonight. Of course, that’s not until midnight though which means I’ll have to stay awake. I could just wait until the morning but I don’t want any of these porgs getting away. Here’s hoping for a porg with a Chewie and/or Luke bonus. Could be a good night Geeklings.

I wonder what Funko has in store for us tomorrow… I’m not sure if my wallet can take any more. Or my heart. Possibly both.

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