Week In Geek- It Finally Arrives, BoJack Horseman Returns, More Clowns w/ AHS

What is it about Labor Day that makes everyone say that summer is over? I understand that Labor Day signifies the ending of summer vacation and the return to school but as adults, we should know that summer is not over. In fact, there’s about a month left for me to stick to my no jeans until October motto. It actually was my father’s motto but I’ve adopted it as my own. I’ll be rocking shorts all month long and I tempt the weather gods to stop me. Actually, if they could not that would be great. I’m not ready for fall weather just yet (although I secretly am sort of ready for fall weather, shhhhhh, it’s a secret).

With the so called “ending” of summer comes a whole lot of awesome though, so we have that to look forward to. Here’s hoping that the fall brings it a bit better than the summer. Don’t get me wrong, I really enjoyed the summer, but it seemed that after early August movies and television were sub par (minus The Defenders). Especially the box office, did they just give up? That’s a story for another day though. Let’s break down this week which just so happens to be heavy with clowns. I’m not pleased about this either.

It1. It- Sweet fancy Jesus, It’s finally here and I’m so excited that I just want to vomit over everything. That’s mostly because I am so ready for this movie to ruin my life. Like, I’ve been waiting since the first trailer for this to affect the way I live my day to day, especially before going to bed. We’re talking lights and television on and closets always closed. Always. Honestly though, after the major disappointment the Dark Tower was I feel the universe owes me an excellent Stephen King adaption. Everything about the trailers and the reviews gives the indication that this could be the adaptation of It we’ve been yearning for. I hope so because the crew is planning a blanket fort sleepover post movie because strength in numbers. Now I have to debate whether or not to buy a Pennywise pop vinyl… I guess it depends how much I hate myself…

Image result for bojack horseman season 4 release date2. BoJack Horseman season 4- I love how only a week has gone by since the release of the season four trailer and the actual release of season four. Before I fell head over heels in love with Rick and Morty (which is a very real thing, just ask the Adorable Creature) I was getting my existential/philosophical animation from BoJack Horseman. Out of all the programs that Netflix releases I can honestly say that BoJack is right there at the top, and yes that list includes Stranger Things. This is a show that is unafraid to tackle some extremely heavy issues and does so in a way that resonates with the audience. There have been a number of times where an episode has ended and I’ve felt like I could use a hug. BoJack makes you feel and I love that it asks more of its viewer opposed to just being a show about a talking horse. I’m excited to pick up the thread from last year as BoJack went through some of the most grueling soul searching thus far. Here is a show that won’t pull its punches and will show you the pain that comes with existence, but also the beauty.  I’m not sure if it’ll make a good pallet cleanser to It but I can’t wait to dive in.

Image result for ahs cult3. American Horror Story: Cult– I was actually surprised to discover that AHS would be premiering so early in the season. I always thought it was an early October arrival, but apparently, I’m doing my best Jon Snow as the latest season will be dropping tomorrow. I haven’t watched the show in a couple of seasons, didn’t really like Freak Show and had trouble returning, but there is something about Cult that has my interest. Perhaps it’s because I need more clown horror this week and It isn’t enough. God, I hope that’s not the reason. I like the idea that all the seasons of AHS are connected (even if it’s subtle links) and looking to continue that trend, Twisty the Clown from Freak Show looks to be returning to Cult. Like I said, Freak Show was pretty lame but Twisty was a shining point in that season despite how poorly the show handled the character. Here’s hoping that Cult could help bring back some of the horror to American Horror Story.

Image result for rick and morty breaking bad connection4. The Rick and Morty/Breaking Bad connection- I’ve spent a lot of time lately reading up on Rick and Morty trivia lately. More time than I probably should admit. It was through this reading that I discovered that Rick and Morty slipped in the ultimate easter egg during its season three premiere. While Rick was faking his origin story to the Galactic Federation he just so happened to slip in the fact that he lived in Walter White’s house. Yes, that Walter White. Chances are this is Rick’s mind being leagues ahead of everyone else’s as he creates his own Usual Suspects, but what if Rick actually lived in Heisenberg’s house? If you’re reading my Fan Fest reviews than you know I’ve compared Rick to Walt before and this little easter egg has melted my face all weekend long. I love when things I love come together.

Image result for new york giants5. Football Season- Yesterday was the last Sunday without football until February. Life is good. Feeling pretty optimistic about the season but more anxious to get things rolling. Opening day can’t get here soon enough. Here we go Giants, here we go!


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