Yes, Mario Has Nipples

I’ve written over 400 columns for I Am Geek (#humblebrag) but this by far has to be my favorite headline. It’s fantastic in how absurd it is, yet, it’s a very real thing. At some point last night I went on the interwebs and checked Twitter (@iamgeek32) and saw that there was a lot of chatter about Mario from Nintendo. In fact, there was a lot of very specific chatter … Continue reading Yes, Mario Has Nipples

The Week Funko Broke My Wallet

As far as pop vinyls are concerned, this week was supposed to be pretty simplistic. There was an announcement on Fridayish that they would start releasing some of the NY Comic Con exclusives starting Monday and that was cool with me. I love Comic Con exclusives, I basically just love Funko exclusives, and I’ll be attending NYCC which makes me feel like I’m in the loop. … Continue reading The Week Funko Broke My Wallet