I Am Geek Podcast Episode 12- Game of Thrones Wrap Party

Geeklings, I’m really excited to pop in today because this is our 400th post! Four hundred, can you believe it? I’m a little in awe of it myself. While today’s post isn’t exactly a post per say it does contain one of my favorite aspects of I Am Geek… the I Am Geek Podcast. Seriously, what better way to bring in a milestone post?

As for what you have to look forward to, why not peep the episode breakdown-

***S P O I L E R S*** If you have not watched the season finale of Game of Thrones or any of season seven then my friends this is not the podcast for you. The I Am Geek gang takes a deep dive into the season finale of Game of Thrones while providing that I Am Geek entertainment you’ve come to love. Predictions for the future, opinions of characters, break down of favorite moments, and just who will sit on the Iron Throne come season eight are all here waiting for your earholes. Celebrate the season with I Am Geek as we all begin the long wait for season eight.

I can not emphasize enough that this episode is full of spoilers so please don’t listen unless you’ve watched season seven in its entirety. I’m talking to you Mom. For those of you who have watched, well, enjoy! We’ve got thoughts for you to digest and your feedback is always welcomed. Happy listening and see you back here tomorrow if I have time before my Fantasy Football draft.

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