Week In Geek- Where Is BoJack Horseman, A Super Sequel, and Pickled Pop Goodness

Geeklings, Happy Monday to you all. I know that it may appear that “Happy Monday” may seem like a bit of an insult, or an oxymoron at best, but I mean it sincerely. Mondays are hard, I get it, but there is a lot to be happy for. For example, the season finale of Game of Thrones was last night and it was deeply character driven and impactful. If you don’t believe that small summary then just head over to Fan Fest and read my full review (#shamelessplug) as I’ve got tons of thoughts. Some of which deal with the bittersweet feelings that come at the end of the season and the long wait that we’re staring in the face. And if that’s not enough to get excited about then how about the fact that we’re recording a new episode of the I Am Geek Podcast tonight and it will be focusing on all things Game of Thrones. I know, pretty rad, right?

With Monday also comes a brand new Week In Geek and let’s not pretend that that’s not the real reason why you’re all here. Everyone loves a new Week In Geek and this Monday does not disappoint.

1. BoJack Horseman season 4 trailer- With the newest season of BoJack Horseman only two weeks away, Netflix finally deemed it fit to drop a trailer and it did not disappoint. I discovered BoJack way back in season one mostly because Alison Brie and Aaron Paul were attached to the voice cast and I adore both of them. I wasn’t expecting the level of depth that the show provided and nor the feels. Dear God the feels. From there I was kind of addicted and felt that season three was some of the shows best story telling. Impactful, emotional stuff that ended on quite the cliff hanger. BoJack is a show that isn’t afraid to tackle some very real subjects and doing so unapologetically. With season four only a couple of weeks away, I can’t wait to see where things go from here.

2. Super Troopers 2– I think I was in college when the first Super Troopers movie came out. False, I know I was in college when the first Super Troopers came out because we used to quote it all the time. A lot of time has gone by since then, sometimes more than it seems possible, but we are finally getting a sequel to this cult classic centering around a group of misfit cops. I’m still a little torn about a sequel existing in the first place, especially so many years later, but after watching the red band trailer I couldn’t help but feel a little excited. I’ve missed this group of characters and here’s hoping that this sequel can recapture some of the magic from the original. It almost feels that enough time has gone by to alleviate some of that pressure.

3. Pickle Rick Pop Vinyl– It was some point last week that I heard that Funko was going to be announcing some of their NY Comic Con exclusive pops starting on Monday which means Kevin was keeping an eye on the interwebs for announcements. Obviously, I got a bit excited because I’m me and I love my pops. I’m refraining from a “got to have my pops” joke here. Oh god, is that a reference that’s still relevant? I suddenly feel sort of old… wait, back to the pops. I got tagged in an Instagram post earlier today by a friend and I figured it was based on the upcoming exclusives and I couldn’t have been more surprised to see that the post was about an upcoming wave of Pickle Rick pops! Not exclusive to anything except our shelves. The first time I heard the phrase “I’m Pickle Rick”, I knew two things. One, I needed a Pickle Rick t-shirt (and it just arrived Saturday) and two, I was going to need a pop vinyl. Thanks Funko for keeping the dream alive.

Image result for game of thrones video game4. Possible Game of Thrones video game- Late last night, after the Game of Thrones finale but before I fell asleep watching Rick and Morty, I was reading any headline available concerning all things Westeros. I was bouncing back between Twitter and Facebook and I came across one article that immediately held my interest. A potential Game of Thrones video game from the same company that created the Elder Scrolls. While there is no confirmation that this is even true the prospect is enough for me to mentally prepare myself to spend hours upon hours playing this game. There is so much potential here and here’s hoping that this accidental leak leads to a reveal sooner than expected.

Image result for secret empire 105. Secret Empire conclusion- The best comic event of the summer comes to a close on Wednesday and I’m a little sad to see it go. My wallet, which feels it buys too many comics to begin with, is happy to see it go but I’ve really grown to love Nick Spencer’s story here. He’s taken Captain America and flipped him on his head making him the biggest villain in the Marvel Universe and not without controversy either. With one issue left I’ll be interested to see how and if Spencer can stick the landing. Will the legacy of Captain America be ruined forever? Is there a way to end this without Steve Roger’s death? I’m not entirely sure but I am very much looking forward to finding out and just how the Marvel universe moves on.

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