In the Pursuit of Pops

I woke up this morning late. That doesn’t happy very often for me, I’m usually a slave to the snooze button, but this morning I didn’t hear a thing. Nothing. Which is strange considering I woke up twenty minutes before my alarm was scheduled to go off, thank you internal body clock and a hungry kitten, and still managed to fall back asleep in order to wake up late. Go me! I should have just gotten up and gone for a walk but I talked myself out of it because of the cold. I’ve been seriously slacking lately. That’s on me but I figure I can walk the next five days and still feel pretty good about things. I’m trying especially when I consider how much I plan to eat on Thanksgiving. In the future does anyone want to call me to make sure I’m out of bed? Let me know in the comments. I could totally use the wake up call lately.

Once I got settled, dressed, and hustled out the door I was able to relax a little bit while sitting in traffic and listening to the latest Harmontown podcast episode (I’ve become totally obsessed with this thing and have allowed it to replace my morning ritual of Mike and Mike) and check my phone. Hey, I was stuck in traffic and not moving so it’s okay to look at my phone then, right? Well if it’s not then let’s just say I was stationary when I took a few glances.

The first thing I found on Instagram was this picture from David Harbour (Hop on Stranger Things or my best friend from NYC Comic Con) that immediately made me want to turn around and start re-watching the series…again. I have no shame. I assume that this pic is taken on the set of season two (a safe assumption considering I don’t remember a scene like this from season one) and it left me wanting more. Just some sort of update on the filming. How many episodes are done? When will there be a trailer? Where is Eleven? Tell me things!! Tell meeeeeeee!!! Plus I think we can admit there is a badassness to this picture that just captures Hop.


But this pic isn’t the most exciting thing to happen on my Instagram feed. Directly below this pic (or maybe a couple of down, it really doesn’t matter in the grand scheme of things) was a picture of a new Walgreens exclusive pop vinyl that instantly made me dedicate my day to the pursuit of it. Thus far I’ve come up empty handed but I’m not discouraged. Before I reveal the pop I have to say I’ve never really thought of Walgreens as a viable source for pop vinyls. Of course I’ve seen some of their exclusives before but nothing that made me want to stop working and head immediately to the nearest store location. Until today that is.


Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh!!! Geeklings I have been waiting for a Ms. Marvel (Kamala Khan) pop vinyl for a long, long time. I originally thought Marvel was going to make one for the Women of Power Collectors Corp box but that ended up being the Unbeatable Squirrel Girl, which while a pleasant surprise was kind of disappointing… Well not really disappointing it’s just I really wanted a Ms. Marvel pop. Come on! I have a Miles Morales pop that’s just waiting to have it’s picture taken with this. Squirrel Girl is cool though, I mean, I did end up downloading one of her graphic novels to get a better idea of who she is so I wouldn’t feel like a phony displaying her pop, but that’s besides the point.

I’ve often said, on this website and on Fan Fest News, that Ms. Marvel is one of the best things in Marvel right now. She shares those classic Peter Parker vibes and is quickly becoming one of the most important characters in the Marvel universe especially since she’s sort of the leader of the new Marvel Champions group (which I read today is now the flagship book of the company. What What). Her book is constantly excellent and packs feels upon feels while still developing a character who wants to know how to find the good in a world that is constantly slipping into darkness. Not to mention she’s a teenager who is trying to balance school, family, religion (she’s a Muslim), and being a super hero at the same time (see what I mean? Classic Peter Parker vibes). And on top of all that she’s a female super hero that isn’t over sexualized and is allowed to exist because of her contributions/leadership/role modelness (not a word) to the Marvel Universe and not because she has big boobs. When I saw Modern Family had placed a Ms. Marvel poster in Alex’s dorm room I knew that her message was being received.

Well, to the surprise of no one, I need this pop. Like yesterday. But there lies the problem. It’s all sold out. Noooooooooooooo! I won’t admit how many times I’ve visited the Walgreens website today in the hopes that it will become available, because that would be embarrassing, but it was enough to frustrate me. One of my co-workers was even sweet enough to swing by a Walgreens to see if it was in store but of course it wasn’t. This is online only which seems like it should make it easier to get but being sold out right now is killing me. I will obsess about this. I know I will.

There’s something about the pursuit of a pop that really gets the blood pumping. The last time I searched for a pop like this was the blood splattered Jon Snow Hot Topic exclusive, and I eventually got it (actually the wait wasn’t too long as I was pretty on top of that search). I even entered a contest through a Pop Vinyl page on Faceyspace in the hopes of winning the Ms. Marvel pop. No I won’t tell you what page because I don’t want you to win. That pop is mine.

I figure the next few days will be spent with me hopelessly going onto the Walgreens website until it’s available to purchase. And when I do… Geeklings, it will be glorious.

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