Once You Pop! You Can’t Stop

Geeklings, you remember our good friend Tiffani Bennett? Of course, you do she was here a little while ago talking about coming out of the Fan Girl Closet. Good news! She’s back with a brand new column on this most glorious Friday. That’s right, we’re really spoiling you with content this week. You’re welcome, you’re welcome.  And after you reading Tiffani’s post why not hang … Continue reading Once You Pop! You Can’t Stop

Funko To Release Stranger Things Pops, World Rejoices

*Spoiler Alert- I wrote this column for Fan Fest News and I was super excited. I mean I got to talk about Stranger Things and Pop Vinyls. It’s like the perfect marriage. I wanted to write something for you guys but the piece I was working on was super flat so I said to myself, “self just share the Stranger Things pop piece with the Geeklings” and … Continue reading Funko To Release Stranger Things Pops, World Rejoices

Geek Bits

It’s been awhile since we’ve had one of these, and they really come in handy when I have a number of different topics I want to talk about, but don’t have tons of things to say about them. So I say to myself, “Self, why not cram them all into one piece” and that’s what I’m going to do. Prepare for the awesome as serve … Continue reading Geek Bits