Geek Christmas 2018

That’s right my friends, today is not only the fourth day of my vacation but it also happens to be the first day of San Diego Comic Con or as I sometimes think of it, Geek Christmas. Don’t get me wrong, as a person who has been attending New York City Comic Con for many, many years, I both love and appreciate that con so very much, but we all know that the years biggest geeky announcements tend to come out of the West Coast. I have hope that one-day NYCC will be on the same level, and they’re building, but for now, the spotlight belongs to SDCC. Not that that’s a bad thing, Geek Christmas is one of my favorite times of the year. Hell, I often build vacation schedules around it which may sound weird considering I don’t attend SDCC (yet) but it makes me happy and that’s all that matters.

Image result for sdcc thor funko popI have a little ritual for the kickoff of SDCC, and NYCC for that matter, where I wake up early on Thursday, head to the mall, and buy myself some of those Funko exclusives that I can’t seem to get enough of. This year was a bit different though, the one exclusive I really wanted was that Thor Ragnarok Thor with Odin Force pop, and it was being sold through Amazon. There was no real need for me to take the forty-five-minute trek to the mall and go pop shopping when the pop I needed was an online sale. I decided that this year I would get my pops online, which felt unnatural and even lead to me leaving the house in order to live up to tradition but I quickly turned around and played God of War instead. That game is sick! I killed a dragon today. An effin’ dragon! Anyway, the online shopping worked out pretty good. I bought the Star Wars Clone Wars Cad Bane exclusive from Hot Topic, tried to get the Snowball Dance Dustin from Stranger Things and struck out, but overall felt pretty good about not traveling.

Waiting for that Thor pop to go live played a big part in how Kevin spent his morning outside of God of War as I refreshed, and refreshed again, and refreshed again after that continuously. I’m a little obsessive. I eventually was able to nab it as I was leaving the gym because yes I was still checking while I was working out. Can’t knock the hustle. On top of that, the Adorable Creature was able to procure the Stranger Things Dustin making this an all-around awesome pop day. I was able to get all the pops I wanted and didn’t even have to leave the Fortress. It may be an unnatural feeling but winning is winning as they say. And just like that SDCC was off to a great start!

Image result for sdcc cad bane popImage result for sdcc dustin stranger things pop

Outside of the quest for pops, SDCC day one tends to be the slowest of the weekend. Its the day where you kind of dip your toe in the water but the big stuff doesn’t come until Friday and Saturday. Usually. Today started with a trailer for the DC show Titans and I can say that that is something that exists in the world. It’s, uh, something, and maybe next week when I do a SDCC wrap up I’ll have more thoughts but as of right now I’m a big ole “no”. Just no.

Now I figured that this would be the biggest announcement to come out of the day, and I was okay with that. I know DC is looking to kickstart this streaming service, still a no on Titans though, and despite how the show looks it is an exciting way to kick start the weekend, buuuuuuut SDCC Day One had more in store for us.

For instance, how about the revival of Star Wars The Clone Wars?!?! Yes, you read that right! There’s going to be a seventh season of one of the best things in the entire Star Wars universe, and I’m losing my face over it. Seriously, I geeked out hard during this trailer. The Clone Wars single handly does a better job with characterization and plot than any of the prequels did, and the fact that it was canceled before it could wrap its story was heartbreaking. The details we have right now make it seem that season seven will be the shows last and will bring about that closure that fans have been searching for since 2013. We got twelve episodes of The Clone Wars coming and the awesomeness of this news was blindsiding. #clonewarssaved

Outside of this bombshell, we got our first real look at the new Doctor.

And a new story trailer for the upcoming PS4 Spider-Man game, which makes me want to play it immediately. As in immediately after I finish God of War. Did I mention I killed a dragon today?

And this is all just day one. Day one! If the rest of the weekend keeps up like this, man, I’m going to be exhausted.

What has been your favorite part of SDCC thus far? What trailers have you loved or hated? What Funko items did you pick up? Sound off in the comments or if you want to talk anything SDCC related you can find me on the Twitter @iamgeek32 where I’ll be sharing things allllllll weekend. Now, remember, this is only day one. Let’s pace ourselves and have a blast! It’s going to be an awesome weekend Geeklings!

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