Does Venom Need Spider-Man?

As promised, Sony dropped a third, and seemingly, final Venom trailer today giving us our first full look at Tom Hardy’s Venom. With the previous trailers, we have been given a glimpse of what Venom will look like when he hits the big screen this October but today’s trailer didn’t hold anything back. We got the skin crawling demon voice. We got a full-scale look at the size of … Continue reading Does Venom Need Spider-Man?

Week In Geek- SDCC, Ahoy (!) Hawkins, & the Uncharted Movie You’ve Always Wanted

Geeklings, a very Happy Monday to you all, but honestly, I don’t think there is anyone having a happier Monday than yours truly. For today my friends is week one, day one of my vacation and all seems right in the world. I have spent the majority of the day outside reading my book getting some much needed R&R and vitamin D while catching up on some … Continue reading Week In Geek- SDCC, Ahoy (!) Hawkins, & the Uncharted Movie You’ve Always Wanted

When TV Shows Randomly Send Me Swag

Geeklings, last Wednesday I was at home settling down from an excellent vacation out on the West Coast. I lounged around the Fortress of Nerditude, had something to eat, and sat down and got ready to watch Mr. Robot. Outside of reading comic books, Mr. Robot has become my favorite Wednesday ritual. This season has been some of the shows best work and the fact that I get to … Continue reading When TV Shows Randomly Send Me Swag

Did You Miss Me?

Geeklings, I’m baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack. Did you miss me?! I certainly missed you guys. I think that’s the longest I’ve gone without writing in quite some time, but it was worth it. I had a lovely vacation with the Adorable Creature as we traveled to the West Coast to visit her family. I drank some awesome wine. Saw some awesome sights, including the Full House house. And enjoyed awesome company. … Continue reading Did You Miss Me?