Week In Geek- SDCC, Ahoy (!) Hawkins, & the Uncharted Movie You’ve Always Wanted

Geeklings, a very Happy Monday to you all, but honestly, I don’t think there is anyone having a happier Monday than yours truly. For today my friends is week one, day one of my vacation and all seems right in the world. I have spent the majority of the day outside reading my book getting some much needed R&R and vitamin D while catching up on some laundry. Operation Laundry will actually be a two-day affair, with the majority getting done today, but man will it feel good to have an abundance of clean things in the Fortress. Clothes, towels, sheets, the works. And once it’s done after these two days I don’t really have to worry about laundry for the rest of vacation. That’s the true gift Geeklings.

With this much needed two week vacation comes the ability to write a bit more consistently. I’m devising a day to day schedule, based on what type of relaxing I’m doing, but the good news is there should be a ton of new content for your eyeholes over the next two weeks. I’m really excited about spending the time with you guys and what better way to kick it off than with a brand-spankin’ new Week In Geek.

sdcc1. San Diego Comic Con- It’s that time of years where the sun is blazing, the stars align, and the center of the geek sphere descends on San Diego, California. As of this Thursday, you can keep your eyes set to the interwebs as all the best news and trailers will be coming our way from the West Coast. For those of you who are looking for some Marvel, Disney, Westworld, or Game of Thrones scoop, I’ve got some bad news for you. None of the mentioned will be making the trip this year. I imagine it’s because Game of Thrones is going to play things close to the vest for this last season and Marvel is saving everything for the D23 expo, but don’t be dismayed. There will still be tons of content to get excited about. DC will be dropping the Aquaman trailer and probably sneak one in for Wonder Woman 1984 too and most likely Shazam!The Walking Dead will be present and we might finally get an answer if this will be Rick’s last season. All your favorite CW shows (Arrow, The Flash, and Supergirl) will be there too. I would expect more scoop then content from these shows as they just went back into production. Not to mention our first real look at the new Doctor. You see? There will be tons to look forward Geeklings, and be sure to tune in to the I Am Geek Facebook page as we’ll be posting as much content as we can. Plenty to be excited about.

2. Stranger Things- If waiting for SDCC is a bit too much for you then I’ve got some good news, the team over at Stranger Things thought they’d give us a little gift this morning with a video that wasn’t a trailer but could definitely produce a bunch of t-shirts that I would gladly buy. This video package spent the majority of its time introducing us to the newest character in Hawkins, Indiana… the Starcourt Mall. One has to believe that this little video isn’t an accident and that the mall will probably hold a good amount of significance for season three. Anyone else getting a Dawn of the Dead vibe? If this little piece of Hawkins wasn’t enough for you be sure to stick around for the ice cream shop. You might just spot someone you know… ahoy!

3. Uncharted Fan Video- My immediate thought when I first started playing Uncharted was, “man, Nathan Fillion would be awesome as Nathan Drake!” Once that thought hit my mind I couldn’t shake it, and apparently, neither could you guys. People have been campaigning for Fillion to play the role of Drake for years now. Well, guess what just happened? After some fun little hints on his Instagram page, Nathan Fillion has just dropped a fourteen-minute fan made film where he finally gets to play the role of Nathan Drake, and I have to admit, I want more. This is clearly a labor of love and will do nothing to quiet the voices of those who have been pining for this moment seemingly forever. While I don’t expect anything to come from this it doesn’t make this short film any less fun. Nathan Fillion… the gift that keeps on giving.

4. Castle Rock- Rounding out the week is a brand new trailer from the JJ Abrams/Hulu/Stephen King collaboration, Castle Rock. While there still isn’t a great day of info on just what the show is about this trailer helps to give us a sense that this show may be centered around Castle Rock but is going to include a number of major Stephen King works. One of my favorite aspects of King’s work is that shared universe mentality, a lot of it stemming off of the Dark Tower series, and getting a chance to see that shared universe play across different mediums is super exciting for this Constant Reader. Castle Rock looks to be something entirely new but eerily familiar, and I for one can’t wait until this drops.

There you have it Geeklings, some of the biggest draws of the week. What are you looking forward to the most? Is there something you’re pumped about that didn’t make the list? Sound off in the comments or you can find me on the Twitter @iamgeek32. In the meantime, I’m going to try and get a little more sun in. See you all tomorrow!

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