Emmy Nominations Were This Week… & I Had No Clue

Geeklings, I like to believe that I stay pretty “up” on pop culture related news. I’m constantly on the interwebs reading articles, Tweets, or Instagrams getting all the scoops on things that have my interest, and after three years here at I Am Geek you should know that’s a pretty big list. So you can imagine my surprise when I hopped on the Twitter for a moment on Thursday and saw that Emmy nominations were being announced.

Uh, excuse me? Emmy nominations? This week? Why? When? How did I not know this?! What in the eff?! Seriously, didn’t have a clue. Aren’t most award show nominations done in the early morning with a little pop and circumstance? I kind of felt that the Emmys just dropped nominations like it was no big deal. Like, boom, here are your nominations we’ll see you again when the show airs. That’s not cool Emmys. Give me a heads up next time. I want to celebrate this with you. I want to live Tweet it. Give me a chance for the love of God.

Of course, this is me just trying to shift the blame off of myself. The truth of the matter is, I didn’t have a freakin’ clue that Emmy nominations were coming this week. If I had I certainly would have mentioned it in the Week In Geek, but alas, I was clueless. There was just that feeling of being blindsided by something I’m pretty passionate about. Award shows. Not only that, award shows for television. That’s my wheelhouse Geeklings. 

My lack of knowledge of when the nominations were dropping hasn’t kept me from having opinions though. Oh no my friends, I’ve got a bunch of thoughts on this year’s nominations and most of them are positive.

  • Image result for atlanta season 2 fxEvery. Nomination. For. Atlanta is beyond deserved. Holy crap! You might recall that I listed “Teddy Perkins” as my favorite episode of television this year a month or so ago, and honestly speaking, not much has changed. Donald Glover deserves all the love here. All of it. The dude is just a genius who perceives and conducts art and storytelling on a whole different level. Hiro Murai gets how Glover’s mind works and that’s why the end product is so crisp. The writing is phenomenal as the show tackles some incredibly tough subjects concerning race, family, socialism, and suicide. The acting is superb, and outside of Glover, no one deserved a nomination more than Brian Tyree Henry who stole the show this season. Couldn’t be happier for the sixteen nominations the show recieved.
  • That being said though, there will be some competition coming from HBO’s Barry which was the 1b to Atlanta’s 1a in my opinion. Bill Hader’s performance, writing, and directing were all marvels in this dark, perversely funny take on a hitman who might want to be more. I’ve been a big fan of Hader’s for awhile and to see him get the Emmy love made me happy. As did Henry Winkler’s nominations as I felt he stole every scene he was in. The Best Comedy award could end in a tie between Barry and Atlanta and I’d be satisfied.
  • Rick and Morty got their first Emmy nomination for the “Pickle Rick” episode, and while I’m stoked the show got some Emmy love I don’t think “Pickle Rick” was the best episode of season three. Maybe “The Ricklantis Mixup” or “Rest and Ricklaxation”, but that’s splitting hairs. Rick and Morty got a nomination and that’s enough for right now.
  • Image result for pickle rick
  • Ted Danson got a nomination for The Good Place and so did Maya Rudolph in her guest role. But can someone explain to me how it’s possible that the show itself didn’t get nominated? Criminal.
  • At this point, I’m not entirely sure what BoJack Horseman needs to do in order to recieve an Emmy nomination. It is almost comical at this point that the show has recieved no nominations. Not only is this one of the best animated shows on television, it could quite possibly be one of the best shows on television. Period. Shame on you Emmys and your continued denial of everyone’s favorite alcholic horse.
  • Image result for hopper dance gifStranger Things racked up twelve nominations, including two for Millie Bobby Brown’s Eleven and internet darling David Harbour’s Hopper. Both are well deserved and I feel that Hopper’s dance alone could win him the statue. I will say though, one of this years biggest snubbs was the lack of nomination for Noah Schnapp. That kid murdered it this season and should have been recognized. Other than that, these nominations made my heart happy.
  • Good luck beating Game of Thrones everyone else. The only one I can see giving it a run for its money is The Handmaid’s Tale but fun seeing shows like Westworld, Stranger Things, This Is Us, and The Americans getting that Emmy love.
  • Holy crap, Saturday Night Live got a ton of nominations. Even one for Kenan Thompson which feels bananas.
  • It wouldn’t be the Emmys if Bryan Cranston didn’t have a nomination. Thank his guest spot on Curb Your Enthusiasm.
  • Was Mr. Robot not eligible for nominations or something? I’m confused.
  • I think the lack of Jimmy Fallon and The Tonight Show speaks volumes. Maybe Jimmy hasn’t fully recovered from Hair Gate.

I think that about covers all my current Emmy thoughts. Next year I’ll do better to stay on top of just when the nominations are being made. In the mean time, we can start taking polls on who is going to win in what category. Be sure to check out my Twitter page (@iamgeek32) as I’m sure I’ll be doing things like that from now to the show premiers. I mean, what else would I do with Twitter.

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