When TV Shows Randomly Send Me Swag

Geeklings, last Wednesday I was at home settling down from an excellent vacation out on the West Coast. I lounged around the Fortress of Nerditude, had something to eat, and sat down and got ready to watch Mr. Robot. Outside of reading comic books, Mr. Robot has become my favorite Wednesday ritual. This season has been some of the shows best work and the fact that I get to go on Fan Fest twice a week to talk about it (preview and review columns) makes it even more fun. Seriously, I can write about this show for days.

Last week I was feeling a little feisty and thought I would try and live Tweet the episode. I don’t do things like that very often, mostly because it’s difficult to Tweet and not spoil, but I did my best to be vague with my reactions. I mean, I didn’t use specifics but used plenty of gifs and exclamation points. Not a lot of people I know watch the program so Twitter provides me an outlet to others who love the show. Don’t worry, I’ve already informed the Adorable Creature that we’re doing a watching (re-watching for me) this winter. I’m really looking forward to that and diving deeper into the show’s mythology. I’m sure there will be tons of “holy shit” moments for me.

Anyway, as I was Tweeting away I got a comment from the Mr. Robot Twitter account based on something I said about the episode. Something along the lines that pieces were starting to fall together. First off, whenever someone or something with a blue check mark communicates with me on Twitter I fanboy pretty hard. It’s like “oooooh they see me existing”. That’s exactly what I did here too and continued my live Tweeting as the show raked up the tension. I’ve had some great dialogue with a number comic book writer like Brian Michael Bendis and each time I geek out hard. Needless to say, I geeked out and went back to watching and Tweeting.  I would say about twenty minutes later I got another Tweet from the Mr. Robot account asking me to send them a direct message.

My first thought was about my Tweets. Was I giving out spoilers? Were they going to tell me to shut up? I didn’t think I was but I was curious to see what they wanted so I sent a message to the account to see what was up. This is what they responded with.

Image may contain: text

Ummmm, what?! I immediately Google’ed this to make sure it wasn’t a scam and found a number of Reddit threads discussing similar events. Apparently, this is part of the show’s marketing, which I think is crazy genius, where they find fans and then send them things. For free. Because they like the show. That’s incredible. After discovering this I sent a reply that contained my address and they told me to keep an eye out for a package.

Well, that package arrived today and Geeklings I must say, it was pretty awesome.

Robot Preview

They sent me everything but the pop vinyl which I already had but added to pull the items all together… and because I love pops. But how cool is this? I got a 5/9 remembrance pin, an F Society flag patch, E Corp post-it notes, and the Red Wheelbarrow book put out to bridge seasons one and two. All because I liked the show and happened to Tweet about it.

I just find the whole thing to be super cool. For a show to reward their fanbase randomly like this… as a fan… it just makes me love the show even more. It also makes me feel like I’m the inside of something awesome. I don’t know how to explain it but I feel like I’m part of the F Society family now, and I’ve got the patch to prove it.

If you’re watching the finale tonight be sure to find me on Twitter (@iamgeek32) as I’ll be live Tweeing again. I’ve got a feeling it’s going to be a pretty tense episode. Let’s work through things together.

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