SDCC ’18 Break Down

Geeklings, San Diego Comic Con is officially over but it doesn’t mean that we have to let it go just yet. With Marvel, Game of Thrones, and Disney sitting this year out it would have been easy to believe that this was going to be a down year for SDCC, and to some degree, it was a bit quieter. Don’t get me wrong, I found that there were some truly awesome announcements coming out of this year’s Con but there’s no denying that the inclusion of Marvel or a Game of Thrones trailer would have sent things into another stratosphere.

That’s just me being a greedy geek though, of course, I want our first looks of Captain Marvel and Avengers 4 or Game of Thrones. Duh! Since I didn’t get those things I had to focus my attention elsewhere and it really gave me the opportunity to appreciate some of the other awesomeness coming out of SDCC.

For me, if I was picking a winner for the con it would be the Shazam! trailer. Now, mind you, I don’t give this win to DC just the trailer as it was my favorite aspect of SDCC. The Aquaman trailer was fine and definitely peeked my interest in the film but I wasn’t over the moon about it. At least we got a better understanding for Arthur than Justice League was willing to give us, but there was something just instantly loveable about Shazam! Maybe it’s the fact that it played out like Big for superheroes or maybe it was the fact that it was a DC movie that wasn’t shrouded by darkness, but hands down it was my favorite trailer of all of SDCC this year.

Come on! Look how fun this looks. This is exactly the direction that DC needs to be heading in. The Titans trailer was a massive disappointment and has me second guessing this streaming network. Granted, Young Justice season three is enough to get people to sign up but it’s pretty obvious that Titans is not going to live up to expectations. One could actually hope, based on the negative backlash from the trailer, that DC maybe goes back and does a bit of course correction here. It’s not too late to put out a product that maybe gets the fans excited opposed for the flopped edgey attempt of “eff Batman”. God, that was awful.

Outside of Shazam! I couldn’t help but find myself getting roped into the new Walking Dead trailer. Don’t get me wrong, I am very close to giving up on this show. These last two seasons have been rough, and season nine was going to be my final attempt to believe in the show before giving up on it. I figured a new showrunner, as Scott Gimple is not very good, could be exactly what the series needed. Throw in the announcement that Andrew Lincoln would be leaving the show and I had a new interest. Rick is still very much alive in the pages of Robert Kirkman’s comic and the fact that the show would continue on without him had me very curious. The comic has always promised a transition from Rick to Carl but the show killed off Carl last season in what seemed like an attempt to grab ratings, and now they might have backed themselves into a corner. Maybe.

I feel like this happens to me every season, and I’m not entirely sure what about this trailer has me optimistic but here I am looking forward to season nine of The Walking Dead. Maybe it’s because I’m sentimental and am curious to see how they handle the whole Rick thing or maybe it’s because I still want to believe that this show can be good again… I don’t know, but for the most part, AMC did their part and I’m now looking forward to this season. Despite my better judgment.

Elsewhere, I was really pumped for that Glass trailer. Like for serious. I don’t know why we don’t talk more about Unbreakable as it’s one of Shyamalan’s better films, but ever since I heard that he wanted to do a sequel I’ve been all about it. This feels like similar territory to The Walking Dead in the whole being suckered into believing something will be awesome when the track record before it says it probably won’t be. I’m a guy who saw Lady In the Water, The Happening, and About Earth in the theaters… let that sink in. If anyone has been played by M Night Shyamalan it’s me, but again, here I am thinking that this could be something awesome. And I truly believe it will be. Unlike The Walking Dead, I believe that Glass could round out the trilogy we didn’t know we needed.

Those were probably my favorite moments. I also happened to really enjoy the Godzilla trailer, the Good Place panel, that Star Wars Clone Wars announcement, and a scattering of comic announcements (like all the upcoming X-Men books). It may have been a more subdued version of SDCC this year but there was still plenty to get excited about.

How about you guys? What was the thing that made you geek out the hardest? What was your least favorite part of SDCC? Sound off in the comments or you can find me on the Twitter @iamgeek32. As always, there’s a lot to discuss in the post SDCC world and I’m here to discuss it with you!

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