Best Of… December Funko Photo Challenge

Way back in December I told you guys that I would be embarking on the Funko December Photo Challenge. And for those of you who follow me on Instagram (@iamgeek32) then you know I went for it. Actually, it was a great deal of fun but I suspect my friends got tired of seeing pictures of my Pop collection on a daily basis. Well, I think they did, I was too busy giggling with delight to truly notice. My December Photo Challenge ended up receiving more likes then any of my other pictures. Maybe that’s because of a strong hashtag game or the fact that people just love Pops. In fact when I did my year in review on Instagram all my most liked pics had Pops in them leaving me to wonder if people just don’t like me posting pictures with myself in them. That’s an issue for another day though.

I will say this, I would totally do this again. Not immediately, I would like the people who follow me on Instagram to not block me on account of all my Pop pics, but being given a theme for Pop picture taking was a blast and allowed me to be a little creative with it. Some pics worked while others, I felt, kind of fell flat (mostly looking at the Something Green and Something Red days). Going forward whenever I take pictures of new Pops I think I’m going to want to put a theme to them. Yes, it’s fun just show casing them next to a DVD or a book or something but getting them outside or in an environment that reflects the characters seems to do them more justice. Plus, fun.

The thing was, I never showed you guys any of the pics I took. I am well aware that not all of you follow me on Instagram (you should though because now I’m posting cute baby pics of my niece) so I thought it would be fun to share with you my five favorite pics from the month. If any of you did the challenge too feel free to tag me in any of your pics. I love seeing how people display their Pops. I went with my five favorite pics instead of the five that received the highest amounts of likes because I felt some pics deserved more love than others, and this is my site and I can do what I please.

So, please enjoy my ridiculous love of all things Pop Vinyl. For those of you who suffered through this in December feel free to patiently wait for tomorrow’s post.


5. Black and White- My only complaint about this picture is that you can’t really see the xenomorph in the fan. it looks more like a black blob. Other then that I love this one. Ripley just blowing an alien out the god damn air lock. Business as usual.


4. At Work- It’s a weird choice, but I keep a Saul Goodman Pop on my desk at work. I have my reasons though. When I got hired by Fan Fest News my first job was covering Better Call Saul so I keep the Saul Pop on my desk to remind me that this writing thing is the dream. Keeps me hungry and reminds me to keep following what I love.


3. Marvel- I have more Marvel Pops then any other line of Funko’s Pops. With this pic I wanted to get as many of them in one picture as possible. I was going for an “Avengers Assemble” type vibe. I was really happy with the result here. Captain America is front and center just like he should be, and I love how you can just see Spider-Man’s eyes above the rest of them. Plus, there’s a tiny Ant-Man too (hehehehe).


2. Outside- Come on, this is so Walking Dead. The only thing missing was a couple of dead walkers. Looks like I’ll have to get on that. No further explanation needed really.


1. At Night– This one was hands down my favorite and it didn’t get the amount of likes I wanted it to. What better way to showcase the feels of “the night is dark and full of terrors”?

There you have it Geeklings. I’ll be back tomorrow with a little more substance. Until then enjoy the pics, and again, feel free to share yours with me. Spread the Pop love.

Oh! I almost forgot. I started Firefly today. Just going to put that out there. Many huzzahs!

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