Week In Geek- Rocky Turns 40, The Return of Chappelle, and Turkey Day

Geeklings, how are you? It’s been a few days since we last talked and I hope you all had enjoyable weekends. I did indeed see Fantastic Beasts and found it highly enjoyable despite a the questionable casting of a certain character. There was a underlining darkness right off the bat (and you guys know I’m a sucker for dark stories) but the film was also a lot of fun and slightly endearing. I did come away thinking that England is the far superior place to be a wizard as America seemed a bit out dated and cold in the way they view the non magical (they call Muggles, nonmag and it just seems kind of harsh. You want to hug a muggle but I’m not so sure about a nonmag).

Today is the Monday of a very short work week for me (only three days baby!) and I’m planning on working in some Westworld binge watching along with some serious comic book reading (I’m backed up again). But with Monday comes a new Week In Geek so let’s break down what we have ahead of ourselves.

rocky1. Rocky Turns 40- While listening to the radio this morning I learned that the original Rocky turns 40 today, and I felt the need to celebrate it. The Rocky franchise is one of my all time favorites and it never gets old (except for Rocky V which I would like to argue doesn’t count as anything). As a matter of fact my cousin and I spent a good twenty minutes drunkingly quoting the franchise back and forth at three o’clock in the morning  last weekend (for the record I’m pretty sure I drank all the gin on Long Island that night… ugh), and just yesterday I was successfully able to sing “No Easy Way Out” during a conversation. Rocky is the gift that keeps on giving, and we should all take time to wish him a Happy Birthday. So go on YouTube and watch your favorite fight scene again or hell, watch all the fight scenes again. Then come back here and tell me that you don’t want to be a boxer. I dare you.

Image result for dave chappelle netflix2. Dave Chappelle to Netflix– I think this is the third week in a row where Chappelle gets a mention in the Week In Geek but the fact of the matter is he’s been kind of present in the news feeds as of late. It was announced today that Netflix has signed him to three comedy specials with the first airing next year and the other two coming from the Dave Chappelle vault of comedy shows (which is something I really would like to get my hands on). I for one am happy to see Dave return to the lime light as his voice has been greatly missed. For those of you who need further proof please check out his SNL monologue.

3. Ghost in the Shell trailer– This debuted last week, and while I don’t remember the anime too well, one can’t deny how awesome this thing looks. I was never a big anime guy. Don’t get me wrong I’ve dabbled (kind of make it sound like a drug problem) but outside of Berserk nothing ever stuck. During my college years I remember watching Ghost In the Shell but really couldn’t even attempt to tell you about it. The live action movie looks promising and makes me want to go back and check out the anime. For those hardcore anime fans out there be sure to search the interwebs a bit because there is a version of the trailer that is side by side with the scenes in the anime. Looks pretty loyal to me.

Image result for watch ya mouth4. Watch Ya Mouth– My sister (hiiiii Jen) recently bought this game for Thanksgiving fun times, so naturally we gave it a test spin yesterday. If you haven’t seen the videos on Faceyspace or read about this then you need to get on that. This thing is hysterical while also being slightly uncomfortable for your mouth (I highly suggest taking the pieces out of your mouth in between turns). If you’re looking for a new board game to get down on may I suggest this? The amount of laughs you have will be totally worth it. Full disclosure though your friends and family will see a lot of your teeth so make sure you brush before hand.

Image result for thanksgiving5. Thanksgiving– Be sure to be thankful Geeklings and to eat a lot of food. I’ll be back with a geeky themed Thanksgiving post on Thursday. Because why wouldn’t I?

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