Geek Bits: Calvin & Hobbes Birthday, Kevin Hates 3D, and More

This week certainly feels like the week of unfocused thoughts. I actually had a column in mind for today (which I will be working into these ramblings) and then went on Faceyspace and saw something else that immediately got my attention. Then I went on Faceyspace at a later time (actually more like twenty minutes ago) and read another awesome thing and just decided I was going to make all of these thoughts apart of today’s column.

I don’t know what’s been up with me this week being so scatter brained. I can’t seem to really focus on one thought, like I’m on ADD overload or something. It’s either a mixture of too many geeky things happening or my mind feeling a little like jell-o. I’m leaning towards a combination of the two.

Tonight we’re going to see Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them and I’m super excited. It’s been a really good year for Harry Potter related things, especially for me considering I choose this year to re-read the series. I like it when the universe and my geeky choices fall into place. Outside of The Cursed Child (which if you recall I wasn’t a big fan of) I’ve loved all the Harry Potter goodness coming this year especially the festival down in Philly. Fantastic Beasts looks to be a lot of fun and something completely different from the original series which I think is a plus. It’s a prequel that doesn’t necisarrialy tarnish the legacy of the original or try to (looking at you Lucas). It’s just an expansion of this magical world that has been wonderfully crafted and allows us to see some more of the big picture. Plus it could possibly lead to Dumbledore’s biggest victory, and who among us doesn’t want to see that?

Although that doesn’t mean this that I don’t have a problem with the film, and it actually has nothing to do with the content. I. Hate. 3D. Movies. Hate it. I really don’t see the need and figured that this craze would have passed us by by now. Yet here we sit in 2016 as more and more movies love to throw that 3D tag on to their films. The problem being that most of these movies aren’t even shot in 3D, like the way over rated Avatar (What?! I didn’t like that movie when it was called Dances With Wolves and it was brutally long and never seemed to end. Yes, even more so then Return of the King which I love) and are used as a way to up the box office dollar. That annoys me. Going to the movies isn’t cheap anymore, and hasn’t been for awhile. Now you hike up the already ridiculously high ticket prices so when I sit through your movie and wear uncomfortable glasses so it appears that a CGI rock is coming towards my face. Oh goodie! Not a fan, and of course the late showing tonight is only in 3D.

Image result for grind my gears gif

In other news that is less infuriating and actually is draw dropping exciting, it appears that Emilia Clarke (the Mother of Dragons herself) will be joining the Star Wars universe. I’m going to give you a moment for that to settle in because it’s incredibly awesome news…. That’s right, the Khaleesi is coming to a galaxy far, far, away. She will be joining the Han Solo trilogy that already includes Donald Glover as Lando (still amped about that casting). I have no idea who she’ll be playing but who cares. Just her presence in a Star Wars movie is enough for me. Ooooooooh maybe she’ll be a villain. Like a bounty hunter whose hunting after Han and Chewie? That would be way better than a love interest. I mean, she can be a love interest too (chicks dig the vest) but I’d prefer if she was a super badass.

Oh this reminds me! I had the most perfect “Kevin Uses the Force” moment the other day. I was walking into a food store, and like most of us, I used the Force with the  sliding door. This has become so automatic for me that I don’t even notice that I’m doing it anymore. Well the door was in the process of closing when I waved my hand (kind of like if I was checking in a poker game) and it stopped mid slide and started to re-open. The timing was perfect and was enough to make me feel like a Jedi the rest of the week. Felt the need to share so you can all go out and try to capture your own Jedi moments this weekend.

Rounding off today though is the 31st anniversary of Calvin & Hobbes (another thing I discovered while going through Faceyspace). Which instantly made me nostalgic for the comic strip. I say it all the time (at least I feel like I do) that Calvin & Hobbes was such a big part of my childhood and has evolved into something even more special to me as an adult, mostly because I kind of understand the jokes now. I actually follow two different Calvin & Hobbes accounts on Instagram (you should too @calvinandhobbesbta and @calvinandhobbessbff) to get a daily fill of my old friends. So in honor of their birthday here is the original strip.

Calvin and Hobbes

I’ll try and check in with you guys this weekend. I’m sure I’ll have thoughts on Fantastic Beasts. In the mean time try and have a solid weekend my fellow Geeklings. Do something that makes you happy.

3 thoughts on “Geek Bits: Calvin & Hobbes Birthday, Kevin Hates 3D, and More

  1. I hate 3D movies too! They give me headaches so I end up taking them off for bits and miss out on the effects to watch a blurry screen. Plus, the price, as you mentioned. I’m not about that life. It’s completely unnecessary. That being said, I kind of wish I saw Dr. Strange in 3D because I feel like that movie and its effects would have made my headache and extra $5 worth it.


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