Geek Bits- Donald Glover vs Marvel, Westworld, & F4

Geeklings, there are some days where it’s more difficult to come up with an editorial than others. Take yesterday for example. I wrote up my latest Pull List column for Fan Fest and already had a subject in mind for you guys here. I typed up the title and then sat and stared at the cursor for like five minutes. I couldn’t jump start the column for the life of me. Which ultimately means I didn’t post any new content on the site yesterday. Hate when that happens but such is life. I didn’t want to force something or half-ass it so I stored the idea for use on another day (which just so happens to be today).

The same thing kind of happened today, I had a bunch of topics I wanted to discuss but not enough to cover a massive column. While I was trying to figure out which one to choose I came to the conclusion that I didn’t have to. I could just do them all and bring back the Geek Bits column that I haven’t used in awhile. Geek Bits isn’t much different than the Week In Geek but it does allow me to update you guys on the latest geeky news circulating the interwebs. This way I can still communicate with you guys even though I don’t have a full editorial. It almost feels like cheating for writers.

Anyway, here are a couple of things floating around the ether that I thought you would be interested in.

  • Surprise, surprise, Westworld dropped a brand new trailer today for their upcoming second season (April 22nd guys!) and this thing is pure mayhem. I’m talking off the chains awesomeness here. Where does one even start? Just some highlights besides the piano bar version of “Heart Shaped Box”- Dolores is leading the revolution of hosts vs humans and I think she has become aware enough to not feel conflicted about it. The epicness of the line “a kind that will never know death fighting to live” just gives me the chills as it’s rich with philosophical questions. Season two looks to take us out of the simulation, all the rules are now broken, I think. Maybe? It certainly seems the Native American ambush from the end of season one was a part of a larger narrative. I don’t know guys, so many questions here. We get our first look at Samurai World and it looks like Maeve is recruiting them. What does this have to do with her pursuit of her daughter? Maybe it has something to do with waking these hosts up to. Having them join the revolution. I’m not sure but I’m all for the expansion. The biggest take away here is that season two looks to be all types of epic. This is a war. A war for survival. For life. For self-awareness. For purpose. And I’m sitting here thinking I’m going to start re-watching season one immediately.
  • Last summer FX announced that Donald Glover and his brother Stephen would be putting out an animated Deadpool series and I, like most of the internet, freaked out hard over this. The potential of a Donald Glover penned Deadpool series seemed to be the gift that kept on giving. If you’ve watched Atlanta then you know what these two brothers are capable of and giving them a super aware character like Deadpool… yeah, it would have been incredible. I say would have been because last week it was announced that Marvel and FX had parted ways on the Deadpool cartoon because of creative differences. That old chestnut. It always comes across as blanket excuses. Rumors started to circulate that it was because Donald Glover was too busy to write the series with Solo press tour coming up, writing/directing/starring in Atlanta, and going on a music tour this summer. Welllllll, Donald Glover didn’t take to kindly to those rumors as he took to Twitter yesterday with a response to these false rumors saying “for the record I wasn’t too busy to work on Deadpool” followed by this…
  • Image result for donald glover deadpool script
  • Glover proceeded to post a fifteen-page script, that he must have whipped up in a half hour or so, filled with a number of current pop culture references. The biting of Beyonce was mentioned, Fortnite, Bitcoin, as was the death of the last white rhino Sudan, as well as the cancelation of the Deadpool animated show. The script was self-aware, funny, relevant, and super biting towards Marvel and television executives. Accusing the company/executives of not being willing to take chances, racism, and just wanting to sell toys opposed to making something different and relevant. The whole thing is pretty incredible and worth a read. Glover has since taken it off of Twitter but you can go to the Ringer for a complete breakdown. It’s a shame that we will never get a chance to see Glover’s Deadpool. Feels like we’re missing out on something special.
  • Finally, Marvel announced today that the Fantastic Four would finally be returning to the world of comics. It’s been a long five years since the last Fantastic Four series was canceled, seemingly out of spite since Fox was unwilling to play ball with Marvel Studios, but the time has come to bring Marvel’s first family back to the fold. The Richards family has been off planet trying to re-build the multiverse while The Thing and the Human Torch see themselves in Chip Zdarsky’s excellent Marvel 2 In One in pursuit of their missing family members. The Fantastic Four will return this August and Dan Slott will be penning the series. You’ll remember Slott from his ten-year Amazing Spider-Man run and while I wasn’t a huge fan of his take on Spider-Man (in fact, I kind of hated it) I have this weird feeling that he’ll be perfect for this series. I have no real reason for it either. Maybe it’s because I’m so happy he’s off of Spider-Man. All that matters though is that the Marvel Universe is about to get some key characters back and everything feels right.
  • Image result for fantastic four

There you have it Geeklings, just a couple of quick hits for the day to get that geeky blood pumping. Which one of these news items did you find the most exciting? Do you have any news to share? Sound off in the comments or you can find me on Twitter @iamgeek32 to further any discussion on these topics or more.

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