Westworld Just Trolled You

Yesterday while traveling along the interwebs I stumbled upon an interesting story. I mentioned a couple of weeks ago that Westworld had dropped a brand new trailer out of thin air. Those are my favorite kind of trailers for those keeping score. I look at it this way. I’m searching the interwebs to see what’s new and exciting and then BOOM there’s an unexpected trailer for something awesome. That’s … Continue reading Westworld Just Trolled You

Geek Bits- Donald Glover vs Marvel, Westworld, & F4

Geeklings, there are some days where it’s more difficult to come up with an editorial than others. Take yesterday for example. I wrote up my latest Pull List column for Fan Fest and already had a subject in mind for you guys here. I typed up the title and then sat and stared at the cursor for like five minutes. I couldn’t jump start the column for … Continue reading Geek Bits- Donald Glover vs Marvel, Westworld, & F4