Neglected Trailers

You know, with all the writing I’ve been doing about Avengers Infinity War, and trust me, there has been a lot of writing about Avengers Infinity War it dawned on me today that I have neglected a number of other trailers. Not all trailers make it into the Week In Geek. Sometimes they get attached to the Facebook page and other times I kind of forget to tell you guys about them. Sorry. It happens! There’s a lot going on in this geeky little head of mine.

I figured since I don’t really have a clear writing agenda today, and because I really want to read more Ready Player One so I can finish before I see the movie on Saturday, I thought I would share some of these neglected trailers with you today. If you’ve seen them before try and act surprised.

1. Luke Cage season 2-  Hoodie’s up! I just love the energy out of Cage here. Not a huge glimpse but enough to make me want to start binge watching season two… today!

2. Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald- Outside of the wizards apparating into Hogwarts (come on now) this looks all types of awesome. I still don’t love the Johnny Depp casting but it comes across a bit better here and who knew that Jude Law was the Dumbledore that we need right now.

3. Tag- Just going to be honest here Geeklings, all this trailer did was make me want to start a lifelong game of tag. Any takers? Maybe we can be in the sequel. Also, apparently this is where Hawkeye has been hiding. Also, this cast ya’ll!

4. Cloak and DaggerI know I mentioned that this trailer was coming in a recent Week In Geek but I failed to actually do anything with the trailer. Until now. I know it’s on Free Form but this looks legit promising.

5. I Kill Giants- I just found out about this movie a few days while looking into reading the graphic novel it’s based on. I don’t know, this trailer kind of gave me all the feels. I’ve instantly added I Kill Giants to the read list. Movie afterward.

There you have it Geeklings. These were some of my favorite trailers that I’ve neglected here as of late. Did I leave any off? Don’t say Deadpool 2 because I did a whole write up on it and you saying that will just hurt my feelings. Sound off in the comments with what you’re most excited about or any neglected trailers you’re currently watching. You can even send them to me over at Twitter @iamgeek32.

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