Harry Potter TV Series- Only One Option

I think we could all agree that more Harry Potter should be a good thing, right? On paper, it sounds like an excellent idea. Give us all that Hogwarts magic please and thank you! But over the last few years, there’s been a Death Eater sized shadow that has fallen over this franchise. A great deal of that stems from creator JK Rowling and comments … Continue reading Harry Potter TV Series- Only One Option

Captain Marvel Trailer Breakdown

In the grand scheme of the things two weeks really isn’t a long time. It’s only fourteen days. Granted two weeks is what it takes for one to understand that the New York Football Giants season is going to be a mess, but as far as waiting goes, it’s not that long. Unless you’re Marvel fan. When Entertainment Weekly dropped our first look at Captain … Continue reading Captain Marvel Trailer Breakdown

Neglected Trailers

You know, with all the writing I’ve been doing about Avengers Infinity War, and trust me, there has been a lot of writing about Avengers Infinity War it dawned on me today that I have neglected a number of other trailers. Not all trailers make it into the Week In Geek. Sometimes they get attached to the Facebook page and other times I kind of forget to tell you guys about … Continue reading Neglected Trailers