Avengers Infinity War Trailer Breakdown

For the last couple of weeks, I have been hyping up the arrival of the, what should be final, Avengers Infinity War trailer. Seriously, the prospect of this trailer had been running through my head on the constant. I can’t even tell you how many conversations I’ve had about it before it was even released. If I’m being honest, a great portion of my day is spent having conversations about the MCU or comic books… or geeky comings and goings for that matter. Sometimes it’s what gets me through a workday. That and food. I sure do love food.

Thursday of last week promised us a new trailer and my mind all but exploded. It was real. It was finally happening. We were going to catch one more glimpse of Infinity War before it hit theaters in April. Happiest of happy days. I was a ball of excitement. I tried to act coy and talk about other things but the truth was, all I wanted to do was talk about Infinity War and what we could expect and how mind-blowing this trailer was going to be. But I stayed reserved… I think. The Adorable Creature would probably give a more accurate depection on how “reserved” I was.

When the trailer arrived on Friday, I was a bit out of sorts. Late Thursday night my tooth decided to try and kill me and I was in quite a bit of pain. My face was all types of swollen to the point where I couldn’t fully smile. That and the pain was awful. It was a bag of suck. When the Infinity War trailer dropped I enjoyed it, immensely, but I was so distracted by what was happening with my face that I wasn’t able to really appreciate it. I was pissed. I had been waiting and waiting, and waiting for this trailer forever and when it finally arrived I couldn’t burst from my geeky seams.

Well, Geeklings, it’s now Tuesday and I’ve had my tooth issue taken care of. I’m on the mend, and I’m ready to finally break down this bonkers trailer. This break down won’t have clear spoilers just what I suspect is happening based on my vast knowledge of the MCU, Marvel comics, and ability to piece things together. If you’re not looking for that then, by all means, check out now. Wouldn’t want to ruin the film for anyone. For those of you who are looking to hang around, discuss, and theorize… here. We. Go.

  • I was immediately excited that Gamora was providing the voice over to start the trailer. She is, after all, Thanos’s daughter. Plus it helped to display that the Guardians are actually going to be a part of this movie and not just a group of characters who shows up for a fun cameo. They hold importance to the story. Side Note: The scene with Stark asking for Thanos’s name looks like it’s from a different scene and not from the scene where Gamora is explaining the Mad Titian’s plans. Doesn’t matter, I was pretty hyped from the start.
  • Image result for avengers infinity war stillsUgh, I’m such a sucker for the slowed down piano themes to franchises. It gets me right in the feels. Rogue One did it. Jurassic World did it. And now Infinity War is slowing down that Avengers Theme and I just want to listen to it on a constant loop.
  • Peter hanging off the school bus with the Spider-Man mask is an awesome visual, as is his web-slinging over water, but I couldn’t help but feel concerned that Peter was giving up his secret identity. There’s no way that those kids don’t understand who is hanging on the side of their bus putting on a Spider-Man mask.
  • For those of you worried that Thanos was just going to be chilling in his casual wear, fear not, the Mad Titian will get his armor with helmet included.
  • My god, everything in Wakanda is going to be incredible. That scene of Black Widow and Captain America meeting with T’Challa. Ooooooh, gave me goosebumps. Notice how War Machine, Scarlet Witch, Vision, Bruce Banner, and Falcon are in the background. Things to take away from this, I guess War Machine is cool with Cap again aaaaaand can walk. Bet we have Tony to thank for this.
  • Shuri!!!! That is all.
  • Image result for avengers infinity warLet’s talk about that small interaction between Peter Quill and Tony Stark. “Wow”. It’s less than ten seconds long but it’s hands down one of the highlights of the trailer. Infinity War brings with it the promise of a number of tremendous character interactions but Quill and Stark could steal the show. Just this little glimpse of Peter breaking down Tony’s “plan”… I’m dead. I kind of felt like Peter Parker in this scene. Completly bewildered by what was happening. Going to need more of this for sure.
  • Anyone else thinking that it’s the Hulk in the Hulkbuster armor? Everything we’ve seen thus far makes it appear that Tony is off planet, probably with the Guardians/Doctor Strange/Spider-Man, which means it would be hard for him to be in Wakanda at the same time. Looking at the previous trailer, the way the Hulkbuster moves reminds me of the Hulk’s kind of hop/run type thing. If I’m putting money on it I’m saying it’s Hulk in there. Although there is no telling when in the film this takes place. It certainly carries finality with it and logic would say the end of the film, but who knows at this point. This could be one of the things that jump starts everything.
  • Awww, tiny Gamora and Thanos. I originally mistook this as grown Gamora and Thanos but my sister pointed out that I was wrong. Thanks, Jen! Looks like we’re going to get ourselves a bit of a Thanos/Gamora origin story here.
  • Thanos palming Thor’s head doesn’t seem like a good thing at all. Who is willing to bet this is what happens immediately after the end of Ragnorak. We know that that large ship in the post-credit scene belongs to Thanos which means the survivors of Asgard are in a bit of a pickle. Did anyone else notice that we get our first, quick, glimpse of the Black Order here? They’re the ones holding the spear at Loki who probably gives up the Tesseract to save his brother’s life.
  • This Wakanda battle. Sweet Jesus.
  • Image result for avengers infinity war ebony mawThat scene with Doctor Strange and Ebony Maw (of the Black Order) comes right out of Johnathan Hickman’s Infinity series. I just finished it a couple of weeks ago and it seems that Infinity War will be borrowing a lot from it. That’s all the spoilers I’ll give on this. Also, Maw is creepy as hell.
  • Thanos telling someone, either Tony or Cap, that he hopes what’s left of the world remembers them for the fight they put up… man, that’s some tough talk. Insert chills and speculation on who Thanos is going to kill.
  • Only to be followed up with Captain America freakin’ catching Thanos’s hand wearing an Infinity Gauntlet with two stones in it! This was the moment Geeklings, this is where I got a little misty-eyed from excitement. I’m also incredibly concerned with Cap’s safety. But if you’re looking for a moment that defines a character and what he represents to the MCU… this is it.
  • Just to remind us that not everything is doom and gloom, Marvel presents us with Peter Parker and Doctor Strange and their made up names.

Infinity War

There you have it Geeklings. What was your biggest take away from the Infinity War trailer? Are you pumped for this movie or what?! Sound off in the comments with what scene made you geek out the hardest. If you’d like to talk all things Infinity War you can find me on Twitter @iamgeek32. I’ll see everyone tomorrow for our 500th column! Until then, watch this trailer a few more times.

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