MCU Week Is Coming

Geeklings, as of today we are six days away from the release of Infinity War. In fact, this time next week I won’t be here with you wonderful people. I’ll be in a movie theater with my popcorns and my peoples getting ready to watch Infinity War unfold before my eyes. I don’t think I really need to explain my excitement levels to you guys at this point, do I? Well in case you’ve missed the number of times I’ve mentioned this film over the course of this year and last year then allow me to clarify.

I. Can’t. Wait. 

I had suppressed the hype train a little bit over the last couple of weeks. I’ve gone off the grid so to speak. I’m no longer reading Infinity War themed articles nor am I watching any trailers. None. No TV spots, which have become super spoilery and no re-watching any of the previous trailers. It’s time to just focus on the feels of it all. Which means the suppression of the hype train is over and we are full tilt boogie until next Thursday.

It all happened so fast. I had gotten out of the shower and said to the Adorable Creature that we could start finishing our Road To Infinity War tomorrow by watching Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 then we can round it out on Sunday with Homecoming and Ragnarok. In that moment though it all hit me. It’s here. The wait is almost over.

Now that I’m back into full hype train mode I got to thinking that next week here at I Am Geek should be dedicated to the MCU. Nothing but MCU talk all week long. I haven’t shaped out all the columns I’m going to write but I’ve got ideas and it should be a lot of fun. In fact, for one of these columns, I’m going to need your help Geeklings.

You see, I want to write a column full of everyone’s favorite MCU moments. How are we going to do that? Well, there are a few ways.

  1. You can hit me up on Twitter @iamgeek32 and tell me what is your favorite moment or moments within the MCU. It could be anything from watching the Avengers assemble for the first time to Loki falling for thirty minutes. It’s your moment.
  2. You can comment below with the same rules.
  3. Or you can comment on the Facebook page.

Then one day next week I’ll write up a comment and I’ll include all of your commentaries. Which means anyone who comments will be a contributing member to I Am Geek. Think of it as a massive guest post. I’ll be sure to list my favorites as well. Should be fun!

Now get to thinking! You’ve got eighteen movies to sort through. Try not to over do it with moments either. Limit yourselves to three at the most this way the column doesn’t become a gazzilion pages. I’m looking forward to hearing from you guys.

Here’s to MCU week and all the awesome that shall follow!

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