Lunches Without Reading Are Pointless

I don’t know about you Geeklings, but I very much look forward to my lunch. Actually, I’d be surprised if there was anyone out there who was like “You know what Kevin, I’d rather work the whole day. Lunch is for chumps.” Yes, we all look forward to our lunchtimes.

I use my lunch for reading… I eat also but reading is my top priority. As soon as I clock out I grab Gandalf the Kindle and away I go. Sometimes lunch is the only time I have during the day to read. It’s sad and annoying that that sometimes happens but it helps make lunchtime that more important. Yes, I search for free time during the day to crack open my book but lunch… lunch is for reading. Sometimes it’s my favorite part of the day.

With that being said though, I hate when I don’t get to read during lunch. I feel like I’m failing myself. Like, what’s the point of lunch if I can’t read? I’m sure you’re thinking food again and not working, and that’s all an added bonus but I feel more refreshed and energized after I’ve spent my lunch reading for a bit. Kind of resets the ole mind hole.

Today I had a lunch where I didn’t get to read. In fact, I went to the doctors because I’ve been having a pain in my arm the last couple of days. Don’t worry, I’m fine it’s just an inflamed muscle, but putting my health first prevented me from reading my book today. I only got to read a small bit after the gym this morning and outside of that, I haven’t been able to touch it. Way to go health!

I thought I could read while waiting to see the doctor but the place was deserted which means I was in and out. Cool.

On top of all this, I have half hour lunches all week which means my reading production will be down all week. I know that’s such a whiny complaint as I’m lucky to get a lunch but I want that hour damn it. I want to read!

How about you Geeklings? I can’t be the only one out there who feels this way. What do you guys do on your lunchtimes besides eat? Sound off in the comments and let me know. If you’d like to continue this conversation you can find on Twitter @iamgeek32. You know what, now that I’m done writing I might sneak a little reading in. That would be all types of swell!

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