Harry Potter TV Series- Only One Option

I think we could all agree that more Harry Potter should be a good thing, right? On paper, it sounds like an excellent idea. Give us all that Hogwarts magic please and thank you! But over the last few years, there’s been a Death Eater sized shadow that has fallen over this franchise. A great deal of that stems from creator JK Rowling and comments … Continue reading Harry Potter TV Series- Only One Option

Neglected Trailers

You know, with all the writing I’ve been doing about Avengers Infinity War, and trust me, there has been a lot of writing about Avengers Infinity War it dawned on me today that I have neglected a number of other trailers. Not all trailers make it into the Week In Geek. Sometimes they get attached to the Facebook page and other times I kind of forget to tell you guys about … Continue reading Neglected Trailers

Random Ideas That Didn’t Take Form

Geeklings, I couldn’t really think about what to write about tonight. I was toying with a couple of ideas. Maybe I would touch on the fact that Carrie Fisher and Harrison Ford actually got it on in real life which is both mind blowing and slightly obvious. You guys, Han and Leia were an actual thing. I don’t know why but my inner child is … Continue reading Random Ideas That Didn’t Take Form