Random Ideas That Didn’t Take Form

Geeklings, I couldn’t really think about what to write about tonight. I was toying with a couple of ideas. Maybe I would touch on the fact that Carrie Fisher and Harrison Ford actually got it on in real life which is both mind blowing and slightly obvious. You guys, Han and Leia were an actual thing. I don’t know why but my inner child is like saaaaaaaay whaaaaat. What kind of ramifications does that news have on me as a Star Wars fan? I guess it’s pretty cool, right? When fiction and reality blend together like that. Did they think of themselves as Han and Leia? Like was the entire affair built upon their fictional characters? When it ended was it kind of like The Force Awakens? There are so many things to ponder here.

I also thought about talking about how I’m sort of over the whole Johnny Depp thing. Don’t get me wrong I enjoy him, but it’s become too much for me as of late. The thing is I think Johnny Depp has started to believe that he’s actually one of (if not all of) the characters he portrays in Tim Burton or Pirates movies. That annoys me because he’s actually a really good actor. It all stems off of hearing that he’s been casted in the Fantastic Beasts sequel. I say meh.

Then I was thinking about R rated DC animated movies. They just released the trailer for the Justice League Dark today and it looks great, I love the majority of the DC animated movies. It is clearly something they do better than Marvel, but after The Killing Joke and it’s R rating I kind of felt that it was a publicity stunt. “Hey look we make R rated animated movies to capture the dark and gloomy tones of our stories”, but after seeing The Killing Joke there was no reason for that to be rated R. As a matter of fact the whole movie was kind of flat outside of Mark Hamill being incredible as the Joker. Does the Justice League Dark really need to be rated R? Probably not but the fact that it is generates buzz, and I guess when Marvel is whooping you in the whole cinematic landscape you want to draw as much buzz as you can.

There was a good chance that I was going to write up my idea for a podcast, as I think I’ve finally gotten one. I’ll tease you with this, I’m going to call it Week In Geek and I’m going to try and talk my sister into co-hosting with me and each week we’ll attack a new topic with special guests. For example there has been a spirited debate in my circle of friends about the color of Luke’s first lightsaber and that debate could be a whole episode. I could also invite some friends on to do a series on the History of Wrestling which would be fun. Basically I would be taking the Monday Week In Geek idea and focusing on one thing for an hour or so. We’re in the rough sketch phases (I still need to talk to Jen) but I think after almost a year of talking about doing it we might be on the cusp of getting this thing off the ground.

You see Geeklings, I have tons of thoughts today but not all of them were worthy of a whole column so I just threw them all into one so you guys could absorb all of them and not have to wait. Which makes me super generous if you think about it. You’re welcome.

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