Random Ideas That Didn’t Take Form

Geeklings, I couldn’t really think about what to write about tonight. I was toying with a couple of ideas. Maybe I would touch on the fact that Carrie Fisher and Harrison Ford actually got it on in real life which is both mind blowing and slightly obvious. You guys, Han and Leia were an actual thing. I don’t know why but my inner child is … Continue reading Random Ideas That Didn’t Take Form

The Proposed Summer of DC

*originally published on Fan Fest but I liked it so much I wanted to share it here too* When you think about comic books there are two factions that immediately jump to mind. There’s DC and there’s Marvel. Yes, as a comic book fan I’m perfectly aware that places like Image and Dark Horse are producing stellar comics, but I’m a comic book guy,  I … Continue reading The Proposed Summer of DC

Week In Geek 7/25/16

Let’s just get one thing straight here, if it was up to me (and I suppose it actually is up to me) I would include Stranger Things in the Week In Geek for the foreseeable future. I’m crushing hard on this show Geeklings. I’ve already ordered my first Stranger Things t-shirt in case you guys were doubting my love for this show. Look at it! It’s wonderful. I actually think I’m … Continue reading Week In Geek 7/25/16