Geek Bits- Just A Bunch Of Random Thoughts

Geeklings, what is going on? It hasn’t been the best writing week here at I Am Geek, has it? Two original posts and then a copy and paste job from a weekly column I write at Fan Fest News. That’s on me, but in my defense we’ve had a string of good writing weeks lately. Just look at this as a hiccup.

If you’re looking for a really deep and thoughtful post then today is not your day. I tried to muster something up but my brain is a little scattered at the moment. Which means I thought I would take those random thoughts and just slap them together for a small little column to let you guys know I’m alive and there’s stuff I’m geeking out about today. For example.

  1. Super Hero ChucksHas anyone else been getting the super hero Converse type shoes showing up on their Faceyspace feeds? That can’t just be me, can it? I recently just discovered (at age thirty-five) that I can pull off Converse, and my world has completely changed. I think it actually helps with me being older because when I thought about it in my twenties it just seemed to… I don’t know, like I was trying too hard maybe. That’s all besides the point considering I’m all in on the Converse footwear now, and because of that Faceyspace has been showing me a whole bunch of geeky inspired sneakers and I find myself wanting them all. I’ve seen some awesome Rick and Morty ones, The Flash (and today Reverse Flash!!), Captain America, IT (which I would never own…ever), a Captain America and Winter Solider combo… needless to say I’m very curious about these. Has anyone bought a pair? Are they worth it or do they fall apart if it they get wet? Please let me know.

2. I woke up this morning (thankfully) and did my social media duties, and saw that Uncle Stevie dropped the first official Dark Tower movie poster. It’s simultaneously the most exciting and stressful thing everrrrrrrr. I’m not going to get into all of thoughts right now (you can find a lot of them here any way) but I will say that I love the look of the poster. It’s breath taking in all of it’s Inception glory. And now we have a release date. This must mean that a trailer isn’t too far away. That’s probably when I’ll throw up from the stress.

3. Dear DVR- why do you pick and choose the shows you will record? I don’t understand your methods. You can be such a monster some times.

4. I haven’t started watching Iron Fist yet. This week at some point. Has anyone else started? Thoughts?

5. I’m really behind on my comic book reading. I should change that.

I think that’s it. Those were all my random thoughts for today. Not a lot of substance today but I wanted to pop in and say ‘ello. Hope everyone enjoys the rest of their weekends and I’ll see you all back here tomorrow for a brand new Week In Geek.

Many huzzahs!


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