Funko Releases GotG vol. 2 Pop Images and My Heart Literally Stops Beating

Throughout the course of any given day I’ll send my sister a text or two to discuss something geeky. She has become my go to for geeky content as she continues to spread her geek filled wings (like a butterfly or some other majestic cocoon emerging animal). Granted, I’m fully aware that some of the things I send her are met with a “oh that’s cool but not really my bag response” or a “oh I enjoy that because you enjoy that” but it doesn’t stop me from texting her. Most of the time she gets pretty pumped for stuff. Like lately we’ve been watching Sherlock (a little slower then I’d like but also, oh my sweet freakin’ Christ is that good) so a lot of our conversations involve gifs of Cumberbatch doing Sherlock like things. Really adds depth to the conversation.

Any who, today I went on Instagram for literally a second as my lunch was wrapping up and I saw something that I immediately needed to inform somebody about. I quickly screen captured the image (which I’ll show you in a minute) and sent a text that read “are you f#&cking kidding me?!?!” to Jen in which my sister responded with celebratory emojis. Which might have been the only real response to give as I’m pretty sure that’s how my heart was reacting. But look below, how else would you expect me to respond to this?!?!?


Funko decided that today they would blind side me with the release of the images of the Guardians of the Galaxy vol 2 pop vinyl line, and I couldn’t handle it. At all. I mean, not even a little bit. Have you seen that Groot? Look at it. No, looooooook at it. I’m in love. I need all of them and I’m already partially annoyed because I know the Star Lord with the mask on is going to be impossible to find. I can almost feel it mocking me. It’s one of those chance exclusives that just reek of allusiveness. Just like the Stranger Things Eleven with the blonde hair. I doubt I’ll ever get to own that. *sigh*

The tough part of these images reaching my eyeholes is my wallet hasn’t even recovered from the release of the Stranger Things pops (granted they aren’t available yet and I haven’t spent any money on them, but we’re talking metaphorically here) so seeing these images just had me wanting to mail my debit card to Funko and tell them to just keep them coming. That was a serious thought. Who knows, maybe it could help me bag some exclusives. Hmmm….

As the day went on Funko, because they both love and hate me, released more images like these Groot exclusives

I just can’t… I can’t. How do you expect me not to buy these?! Where the hell am I going to put them? I’m already running out of room. Arrrrgggggh the gods are cruel in their awesomeness…

But seriously, how are incredible are these? I find myself even more excited for this movie. What are the chances of getting a soundtrack track listing? Nah, I’m kidding, I’ll wait until the movie. It’ll be better that way. I told you when I previewed the trailer that I couldn’t wait to see these pops and now that I’ve seen them I need to own them. Time to start moving things around in the Fortress. Got to make room for these babies… and maybe sell a kidney.

Image result for parks and rec money gif

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