New Star Wars Rebel Trailer Has Obi Wan Fighting…

It was a great day in the relationship of Kevin and the interwebs today. You know how it is. Some days you find a treasure trove of awesome content and other days you’re watching the same montage of awesome cat videos. I know that the cat videos are always a win, but sometimes you’re just looking for a little more I suppose. Today I found a little more and then some.

During my lunch hour I went on Faceyspace, taking an eye breather from The Princess Diarist, and stumbled upon the trailer for Star Wars: Rebels second half of season three (now I’m pretty sure this sentence doesn’t make much sense either. Shhhh just roll with my jumbling of words. It’s late and I’m tired and just want to get content to you guys). Immediately I was hit with a bit of a dilemma (aren’t I always?) as I’m only half way through the first season of Rebels and didn’t really want to spoil too much of what’s a head. I say too much only because I You Tubed the hell out of the season two finale. At the time I didn’t think I would watch the show and was curious for some Clone Wars payoff. I won’t say much more because I don’t want to spoil any possible viewers.

Ultimately I decided that I would give the trailer a watch because I was curious. I already know that season three  pulled Thrawn into continuity which is a big deal when one considers the expanded universe (the books) don’t really count as cannon anymore. I actually spent a sleepless Sunday night on the interwebs trying to figure out what books are cannon and what non cannon books are worth reading any way. My Amazon wishlist is currently stacked!  I really believe that this year is going to be a massive Star Wars year for Kevin. With that being said, the inclusion of Thrawn in Rebels makes one of the most popular characters in the EU part of Star Wars lore now and one has to wonder if other characters will be following suit (Mara Jade please and thank you).

All this trailer did was further excite me for this series. I’m actually very much looking forward to getting home and watching the back half of season one. The more I watch the quicker I’ll catch up to what the trailer below is offering.

Right?! How awesome is this? I know I’ve spoiled some things for myself, like a certain character gets a hair cut, but this trailer did nothing but make me want to call out of work tomorrow so I could binge until my eyes bleed (just in case if someone from work is reading this, I’m not really going to do that, just know that’s what I’d like to be doing). There are some awesome call backs to the Clone Wars series (the black saber) and then there are the final moments. A post Clone War, hermit Obi Wan sitting in the dessert. Yesssssss!

SPOILER One of the cooler easter eggs of Rogue One was the alluding to Obi Wan. He’s never mentioned by name but everyone knows who they’re talking about END OF SPOILER. What I love about the potential of Rebels is seeing what Kenobi’s life on Tatooine was like. There’s no way he just mediated the whole time and the end of this trailer seems to confirm that as… Darth Maul shows up for what is probably their last duel. For those of you who don’t know, Maul was brought back to life in the Clone Wars and him and Obi Wan have been battling ever since. But with Kenobi’s age here and the fact that Maul never shows up in Episodes IV-VI, one has to believe that this is their final battle. Insert goosebumps here.

One other thing this trailer makes me consider; is it possible for us to see Luke before the events of A New Hope? We know Obi Wan was there to watch over him so does that mean we’ll see some of that watching? You know, the non creepy stuff. Think Santa Clause but with Jedi powers. There’s a great deal to be excited about with those final ten seconds. What a wonderful time to be a Star Wars fan.

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