Week In Geek: Tom Hardy Comes to TV, New Justice League Image, and the Best Star Wars Novel?

You know, considering today is Monday and the Giants got eliminated from the playoffs I can’t help but find myself in a good mood today. Not that I’m in a bad mood every Monday, quite the contrary. I would never describe it as a bad mood but more of that, “it’s Monday and I have to adjust to a new week” mood. That’s always the worst because Friday seems so incredibly far away. Now mix that in with the Giants under performance yesterday, and we had a recipe for a craptastic day. Yet… I’m feeling good.

Go me, right?

I was a little short on posts near the end of the week last week  and I’m sorry for that. I was pretty exhausted. Work has kind of run me ragged over the last couple of weeks and the idea of trying to put thoughts to paper (or in this case screen) seemed like a task that could possible force my face to explode. I didn’t want my face to explode so I took those few days to kind of refuel the engines. Good thing today is Monday and we’ve got a brand new Week In Geek to usher in the new week. Life is good.

1. Taboo on FX- While we’re patiently waiting for a number of our shows to come back from their holiday breaks, there are still new programs to set our sights on for this new year, and none more intriguing then Taboo on FX staring Tom Hardy. I would love to tell you what this show is about but I still haven’t figured it out yet. It looks dark and grimy (which are pluses for me) and it’s brought to us by Ridley Scott (also a plus) outside of that though… not really sure. Revenge? Mischief? Sure, why not. I rather enjoy that Tom Hardy fellow (Mad MaxWarrior, and I thought he made a pretty excellent Bane despite how lame his finish was) and since there’s nothing else on (and since I can’t watch Sherlock because my sister is away…) I think I’d tune in for this. It could be a sleeper show. Or it could just be super bizarre. Either way I’m curious enough to spend an hour with it.

Image result for flash and supergirl2. Flash/Supergirl Musical Crossover- The CW had themselves a busy little weekend filled with awesome announcements. For starters Arrow, Flash, Legends of Tomorrow, and Supergirl all received early season renewals (yay for super hero shows!) but they also addressed the rumors of that Flash and Supergirl musical crossover. Yes, you read that right. A super hero musical. I don’t know, this strikes me as kind of fun. Both Grant Gustin and Melissa Benoist have Glee street cred (and that might be the only real time you seem me refer to Glee because I hate it so) so we know they can sing a little bit but the idea of the Flash and Supergirl (and the rest of their cast) singing and punching does seem a little strange. Good thing the villain is going to be the Music Meister so it helps make a little more sense. Plus it’ll be good for the all the fanboys and fangirls who are shipping Carol and Barry to see them paired off again. The cast of the Flash alone has me excited for this. Hey, it worked for Buffy didn’t it (I’m legitimately asking. I didn’t watch it. I know, I know…)?

Image result for justice league 3. New Justice League image- I’m not entirely sure how I feel about this but it’s important geeky news so I would have felt like I let you guys down if I didn’t report it here on Week In Geek. While the DC cinematic universe has been anything but stellar, “Marthaaaaaaaa”, there’s no doubt that it generates buzz. I will say that the Wonder Woman trailer looks dope as hell (both of them) but this Justice League photo… I don’t know. Batman kind of looks like Nite Owl from Watchmen (makes sense considering Zack Snyder directed both), Flash looks like he just peed himself, Wonder Woman looks like she found herself in the wrong room, and Aquaman looks like he was superimposed into the picture. I find it interesting that Cyborg is the hero in the center here. Here’s hoping this movie isn’t as big of a mess as I think it’s going to be.

Image result for star wars: lost stars4. Star Wars: Lost Stars– I told you guys at the beginning of the year that I plan on reading a lot of Star Wars novels and what better way then with a book that has been dubbed the best Star Wars novel ever. I know some of you might argue that the Thrawn Trilogy (I have two books left to finish in that. Slow and steady) holds that mantle but the interwebs seems pretty steadfast here. Lost Stars involves a relationship ripped a part by the fall of the Galactic Senate. One sides with the Empire and the other with the Rebels as their lives intersect between the events of Episodes IV-VI while leading into The Force Awakens. I have yet to read a bad review on this so I’ll be curious to see if it lives up to the hype. On top of that, Lost Stars is cannon so it’s a part of the overall Star Wars universe. I can get on board with that.

5. Jimmy Fallon’s Golden Globes Cold Open– I just found it to be so delightful. Highlights are clearly the Jon Snow and Stranger Things moments. Was exactly what I needed to help purge the Giants game from my memory.

There you have it Geeklings! I’ll see you throughout the course of the week, and if you want to chat geeky with me feel free to hit me up on Twitter (@iamgeek32).

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