The Pied Piper of Geektown

One of my favorite things about being a geek is getting other people to invest their time in things I tell them about. Before I Am Geek I’m sure friends and family grew very tired of my conversation points. Example-

So I was watching Community last night… Yes again…It has great re-watch value… I’ve lost count of how many times… Just shut up. Any way, So I’m watching Community last night and Annie and Troy were trying to cover up a DVD that Annie broke by accident, and it caused Abed to put on a Batman costume and be Batman… No that’s it… Well when they find the guy with the women shoes and Troy goes he “doesn’t have a wife…or women’s feet”… Well you should watch it. Wait let me find it on YouTube.

Seriously this exact conversation has happened about any number of TV shows, books, movies, comics, websites, Instagram pics, I’ve been obsessed with. Oh, god for bid if I’ve been drinking. You’re doomed. Now I’m a realist and can see how that can be annoying, but I can’t help myself. The best part of being a geek is the freedom to be excited. I’m not ashamed about the things I love, and I want you to love them too. This way we can love each other more through the bond we share through said subject matter. That doesn’t sound too weird, does it?

This week has been a great week for me because a number of different people in my life have started watching things I’ve been talking about for awhile. I’ll start with my Mom first because it’s my favorite. My Mom will listen to me talk about things endlessly, god bless her. She listened to me talk about the Red Wedding before the episode aired and even tried watching. Ultimately she felt lost and didn’t understand what was going on, but totally an E for effort. When I finally convinced her to watch Breaking Bad I thought she was going to have a heart attack. You see the best part of my mother watching things are the texts she sends as she’s reacting. They’re fantastic. All of the emotions all at once. Well last Saturday she started watching The Flash, and wonderfulness ensued. Here are a couple of examples of the texts I would get. Careful they do contain SPOILERS

Seriously it’s like the most fun ever. Also please notice my use of cat emoji’s because I’m a crazy cat lady. Don’t be fooled ladies. I’m a catch.

While Mom gets ready to start season two of The Flash there have been others who have jumped on board other shows. My sister, Jen, and her husband, Paul, have finally started watching Fargo (yessssss I finally gave them the DVD to watch). I stopped by their house last night and they were already on episode two of season two. They had seriously gotten their binge on. Things like that always make me happy internally. It’s like “oooooooh they like something I like too. We’re gonna talk about it. We’re gonna talk about it”. The discussion is my favorite part. I love discussion. I went on a date once with a twenty-four year old librarian, sort of bragging? She was really cute and I think she smelt what dreams are supposed to smell like. Any way we started talking and the conversation was meh, probably the age difference, but she casually mentions that she’s a Game of Thrones fan. Not the books, poor librarian skills yo, but the show. I could totally work with that. Conversation was about to pick up. Naturally my inner geek kicked in (yes I say inner despite how outer it appears. When I go on dates I take a little bit before I go full geek) and I started with the most basic question. “Alright, let’s talk theories.” And I shit you not, this adorable, heavenly smelling, young lady looked me in the eyes and said… what do you mean. Theories? On what? Insert failed trumpet sound here. There was no second date.

When I find out that you’re watching something I have either (a) watched or (b) watched and loved I stay calm and wait for you to finish. Then it’s boom! I’m going to hit you with discussion points until I’ve run out of things to say on the topic. That’s the best part of being excited about things. The ability to talk about them and to continue that excitement. It’s my favorite.

Elsewhere in my world, my friends Kristie, Jen, and Allie all started watching Master of None, stemming off a post I made on FaceySpace or me telling them how much I love it and the Rachel character. Seriously though guys. Rachel. Find a way to make her mine. I adore her. No jokes. No games. Love. I’m pretty sure I’ve asked all three of them to find her for me. Feel free to join the hunt. Sorry I get distracted but I feel that was an important mission for you all to take part in. Back to Master of None, I believe Allie and Kristie have already finished watching (jerks, I have three episodes left. I’m trying to savor), and have also professed love for it (back off ladies Rachel’s mine! You can have Dev. Or Arnold.). I’m not entirely sure how to explain it. Just makes me happy inside that a part of a conversation where I share something I’m enjoying resented enough with people where they got on board too. It’s like building a community. One awesome community. (Side Note: my sister and Paul have already watched Master of None and told me about it. So I guess they’re kind of the source here? Maybe…)

Being a geek isn’t easy sometimes. For those who don’t understand what it’s like to be super excited about something, or in my case a number of somethings, you probably come across like a weirdo. The trick is to surround yourself with people who are (a) willing to, at the very least, listen to your rants or (b) listen and then try and take an interest themselves. It all circles back to the no one should feel alone for loving something quote from Felicia Day’s book. Don’t suppress you’re geekdom just be who you are because you rock. You’ll find the people who match you’re interest, and if not maybe you can be the Pied Piper of Geektown and convert some closet geeks to join the cause. It’s really quite liberating in Geektown. Hell I posted a picture of myself eating pea soup in a wookie onesie, and didn’t bat an eye. That’s me. I’m the guy who comes home from work to his cat, puts on a wookie onesie, and eats pea soup while watching TV. I love that about me. Find your wookie onesie, and love that about you (onesie not included. No you can’t have mine).


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