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Time to make a confession. I couldn’t think of anything to write today. I wracked my brain, bugged my friend Jen at work (hiiiiii Jen!), even tried this one tactic where I was all like “I’m not going to think of anything geeky and just start typing” but that sounded exhausting. The problem was I wanted to write, but feared that I just drew a blank today. I like the schedule we’ve been keeping, and if I break the schedule it’ll become easy for me to get lazy. Not going to happen.

So I’m going to change things up. Instead of me writing about geeky stuff I’m going to turn to you guys and take suggestions.

I’m always looking to broaden my horizons, so tell me people, what are you geeking out about? Feel free to comment, message me, comment on our Face Book page, or whatever way you feel most comfortable with. Tell me

  • What’s you’re favorite book?
  • What books do you recommend?
  • Favorite comic/Comic suggestions?
  • Best horror movie no one has heard of?
  • Biggest guilty pleasure?
  • Next show I need to binge watch?
  • What you think of the site?
  • What topics would you like to see me cover.

The list goes on and on. Let me know what’s on your geek radar, and I’ll start checking some things out. You’re suggestions could even get you name dropped on the site (whaaaaaaaaaaaaat). I keep saying how I want to build a community here so here’s our chance. Maybe I’ll even respond in a video message or something different.

Look forward to hearing from you Geeklings (ooooooh did I just come up with a community name? I think I might have!).

4 thoughts on “Suggestion Box

  1. I don’t have one favourite book but I loved the Harry Potter series obviously, and Seraphina was a good read. I recommend almost any dragon book….
    I don’t read any superhero comics, but Archie is classic and Calvin and Hobbes are always good for a laugh.
    I hate horror so….Rocky Horror? But people have heard of that, so….
    Reality shows are deffo my guilty pleasure. I love to hate those Kardashians!
    I don’t know what you’ve seen but Parks And Rec is a fave, as is The Office and maybe Under The Dome if you like sci-fi (though the show is not outstanding by any means)
    The site is great, I always dig the geeky life!
    Maybe more discussion posts if you have thoughts on what you watch/read? I dunno, write what you like!


    1. Hey Donovan thanks for the comment. I’m actually going to start the re-reading of Harry Potter this week. Loooooove Calvin and Hobbes! Just started Parks and Rec and digging it so far.

      Glad you’re digging the site! Thanks for the suggestions


  2. Hi there. Happy to be a Geekling. I enjoy reading your posts and exploring these geeky horizons. I have this friend who tries to get me into comics but I’ve only read Ms. Marvel so far which was good. The Office is one of my favorite shows and I’m totally in love with the show Chuck and think you should binge watch that next. It’s just geeky enough and Zachary Levi is so charming. I really enjoyed your thoughts on Master of None. Such a real show. I want an Arnold. I think the site is great and this idea of getting your readers involved is an amazing idea! My geekiest interest is my love for Harry Potter- I’m kind of obsessed. So my question for you is what Hogwarts house do you think you’d be sorted into?


    1. Hey Toolarey!! Thanks for all the love glad you’re enjoying the site!! I’ve wanted to watch Chuck for awhile. Think it’s time to put it on to watch list. PS loooooove the Office and you should listen to your friend. Comics are awesome. Good choice w Ms. Marvel


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