Week In Geek 2/8/2016

I hope everyone is recovering nicely from their Super Bowl outings. Maybe you called out sick to nurse your hangover or maybe you won big in the company pool…and called out sick to nurse your hangover. Either way I hope you’re finding this post Super Bowl Monday most excellent. And what a most excellent week we have ahead of us Geeklings! There are tons of things to be excited about.

FullSizeRender1. Deadpool– Finally. It seems like forever ago that the Deadpool test footage was leaked, and the internet demanded this movie to be made in the hopes of getting the Deadpool movie we deserve. For those of you who don’t know who Deadpool is (and I suspect after this weekend that won’t be many of you) he’s a mutant, mercenary, who loves breaking the fourth wall and chimichangas. His comics tend to be highly entertaining and bizarre while also mixing in dashes of feels. There’s something very loveable about this lunatic, and kudos to Fox for getting that R rating. From early reviews (and basic human reaction to watching the trailers) it looks like Ryan Reynolds will be serving justice to the Merc with a Mouth much to the relief of the interwebs. 2016 is filled with a long list of geeky/comic book movies and what better way to start us off then Deadpool? Stick around after the credits as I’ve heard there are two post credit scenes. Fingers crossed one of them includes Wolverine.

2. New Captain America: Civil War trailer– Last night right before kickoff, Marvel, dropped a new thirty second trailer for Captain America: Civil War and it was filled with new footage and gloriousness. I don’t know about you guys but I geeked out hard with that Iron Man watch/glove and Tony’s reaction when Bucky tried to shoot him in the face. Tensions will be sky high in this movie, and with the team lists being dished out at the end of the trailer it has the makings to be Marvel’s best movie yet. Although I was hoping we would at least be able to catch a glimpse of Spider-Man, although I was happy to see the appearance of Ant-Man (who came back later in the night to do a fun Coke commercial with the Hulk. Yes I’m totally aware that I’m talking about these characters as if they are real). The waiting for this movie is proving to be super difficult because if I’m being honest I needed this movie like yesterday. #takemymoneyalready

Last-Week-Tonight-with-John-Oliver3. Last Week Tonight With Jon Oliver- the land of TV has been an empty place since Jon Oliver last aired in November. Couldn’t be more excited about his return to Sunday night and his educating of the masses. Very curious to see what he has in store for season 3. Season 2 set the bar pretty high but I have faith that Oliver is going to slay it. And as an added bonus at some point this month there’s going to be a Jon Oliver Pop Vinyl released. #welcometothepopshelf

the-walking-dead-season-5-trailer4. The Walking Dead- Jon Oliver isn’t the only thing returning to our TV screens this week. After taking what seems like forever off, The Walking Dead, will return Sunday night picking up right where it took off. I for one loved the first three episodes of this season and then thought it went typical Walking Dead style and leveled for a bit only to cut off right as things were getting good again. Having read the comics I have a rough idea what’s in store for the back half of this season (and I suspect people are going to be pissed), but who knows considering how much they’ve changed the source material. I will say this though. Negan (the next big villain who was introduced in a scene during a commercial… ?!?!) is every bit as bad as the Governor and will have people pulling out their hair in no time. Curious to see how they portray him as every other word out of his mouth is an f-bomb in the comics.

danielbryanbig5. Daniel Bryan– Having been a lifetime wrestling fan, I did take some time off in the early 2000’s when I thought the product started to suffer (the product still suffers but I can be a bitter old wrestling fan and bitch about it with friends like an adult #noshame), I was sad to see that Daniel Bryan announced his retirement today. Daniel Bryan was an incredible talent in the ring and wrestled with a great deal of passion. His matches were usually show stealers and I haven’t seen anyone capture a crowd the way he could since the Rock and Austin stopped wrestling. It’s a real bummer as there were so many match potentials that will never happen now (like him vs AJ Styles for example). Hopefully they can transition him into an onscreen role and his passion bleeds into the areas of the show that are seriously lacking. Except the New Day. Those guys are awesome.

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