Super Sunday


I don’t know about you guys but today reeks of bittersweetness. On the one hand it’s the culmination of the football season, the Mecca of big games, and even though I don’t have a dog in the fight (because my Giants couldn’t get their shit together…again. Gawd that secondary was terrible. How do you give receivers three to five yard cushions?! Of course they’re gonna catch the ball. What did you ex- Sorry. The wounds are still pretty fresh here. But I can not reiterate enough how poor that secondary was.) there’s still an air of excitement. For starters who wouldn’t love to see Peyton Manning ride off into the sun set with a Super Bowl ring? Well, probably Panthers fans but I’m sure deep down in their hearts, at places they don’t want to talk about at parties, there are worse players to lose to. Although I’ll be honest… I don’t see that happening. Sorry Peyton.

It’s the Super Bowl people. There are tons of stories being told and being created in the two weeks leading up to the game itself. Yet on the other hand the Super Bowl represents the end of NFL season. That’s the part that bother me the most. I love watching football. Since September I have spent just about every Sunday at my sister and her husbands house watching the games. And yes I mean games. They have the NFL package through Direct TV and we have two full TVs going at all times, not to mention the one outside for the warmer months, and the lap tops that get hooked up to the Red Zone channel. We take our football very serious, plus on top of that, my brother in-law (Hi Paul!) is an amazing cook and the food spreads are literally to die for. Literally. The void that football leaves will probably now be filled with The Walking Dead, and let’s be honest no one wants to eat fantastic food spreads during that show. It’s gross. “Hey look at that guys skin get ripped off his face! Pass me some chicken wings please.” Insert stomach lurch here.

I am aware that there are a small demographic of you who don’t like football, which leads me to believe that you also don’t like joy, rainbows, unicorns, and other really manly football references. So today, you football widow/widowers, must be over joyed with happiness. Well bask in your glory cause training camp starts up in August!

But seriously let’s focus on those of you who may not be in to the Super Bowl for whatever reason. The day is an event. Fun piece of trivia, the one day of the year that sees the most people call out of work “sick” is the day after the Super Bowl. Feel to use that any the parties you attend today. Back to you non Super Bowl loving people. What can today provide you? Every one watches the game in some shape of form, that’s why it kills in the ratings every year, but not everyone is watching for the same reason. Here at I Am Geek would like to give you some non-football reasons to watch the Super Bowl. As a matter of fact we’d like to give you some geeky reasons to watch!

1. Prop Bets– For those of you who have no interest in the game because you hate football (*cough* heathens *cough*) or your team sucked as much as mine and didn’t make it (hey at least we’re not Browns fans. In the case that you are indeed a Browns fan… my deepest condolences) there are ways for the Super Bowl to win your interest over through the exciting realm of prop bets. Every year these ridiculous things circulate to (a) get people to gamble on ridiculous things and (b) to make people who otherwise wouldn’t be interested, well, interested. You can bet on such things as how long the National Anthem will be, Heads or Tails on the coin toss, how many times the term “dab” will be mentioned, and as my brother in-law (Hi Paul!) pointed out to me earlier this morning, if there will be an earthquake or not. For serious. This is an actual bet. We decided that if you bet on this and win you win money but lose your soul. So why not invite some people over and play a prop bet game with each other. Allow yourself to get sucked into Super Bowl Mania, brother.

2. The Commercials– This is easily the most common attraction to non football loving fans. The commercials can be just as big a spectacle as the game itself. Although in my personal opinion I feel that the quality in commercials has being seriously lacking over the last few years. Doritos does a pretty good job and I loved that one last year that saw Walter White as a pharmacist, but for the most part they’ve been kind of lame. Do you guys remember that one from last year where at the end the kid proclaims he’s dead?! WTF was that about?! Although I will say it made for great memes and quoting during the game!

3. Movie Trailers-  Outside the game itself this is one of my favorite aspects of the Super Bowl. There will be tons of new movie trailers dropping in between plays, and with this year having such a geeky slot of movies scheduled it’s bound to be good. Rumor has it that Fox has gone in pretty big with Deadpool and X-Men spots, and nothing has been confirmed but Marvel has supposedly bought TV space and people think it could be a new Captain America: Civil War trailer!! The rumor to go with this rumor is we might catch our first peek at the MCU Spider-Man! I’m almost as excited about this possibility as I am for the game. Almost… maybe a little more.

SBXXXV4. Half Time Show– People sure do love their half time shows or love to hate them. Who could forget Left Shark from last years Katy Perry experience. I say experience because I’m not entirely sure I’d call everything that happened on that stage music. But that’s just me. Don’t get me wrong I have more Katy Perry songs on my ipod then a straight man who lives alone with a cat should admit to, it just didn’t do it for me dawg (yes that was a clear American Idol reference). This year sees Coldplay take the stage in what should be an interesting show. Rumors are circulating that Beyonce will be joining them on as well as some sort of celebration of the Half Time Show in general. While I’m kind of over Coldplay (I did love the Game of Thrones musical they did) I think this could be pretty good show as long as they don’t do two of the following things. Thing 1- Play the Scientist. Wonderful song but not really a “get every body rowdy” type song. Thing 2- Do that thing Aerosmith did a bunch of years ago inviting Britney Spears, boy band ‘insync, I think Nelly was there too, to form the mega group Insyncosmith. God that was terrible. Still hurts my soul.

There you have it Geeklings! It’s not just a football game it’s a pop culture event and there are tons of reasons for you to invest your time into the Super Bowl. If you’re looking for another reason I heard The X-Files is doing something on FaceySpace at half time. I’ll definitely be tuning into that! And remember, if you bet on whether or not there’s going to be an earthquake during the game a unicorn loses it’s horn. Don’t turn unicorns into horses. That’s just sad.

Go Broncos (again I don’t think they stand much of a chance here)!

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