Making Geeky Connections

I hope everyone is having a productive/enjoyable Saturday. I’ve been adulting pretty hard and feel kind of refreshed. There was a food shopping experience that consisted of fruits, chicken, and rice (which is way more adult than the usual iced tea and pretzels) along with apartment cleaning, and a trip to the cleaners to drop off dress shirts (which may very well be the most adult thing I do). Needless to say I’ve got the “hey I’ve been pretty productive” buzz going strong. Current rewards for my activities were a couple of episodes of Parks and Rec and Guardians of the Galaxy on in the background as I write this post. Oh, and a glass of red wine. I’m aware it’s not five o’clock.

As for today’s post allow me to share an event that happened between a friend and I yesterday which really just put in perspective how much I love being a geek and having this outlet to express that love.

I spoke to my friend, let’s call her Schmoper (you’re welcome), yesterday morning while driving into work, braving the snow elements. You see Geeklings, Schmoper, has one of those jobs where you still get snow days so she did not have to work. I often suggest things for her to watch and/or read (most recently the Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt) so naturally my first question to her is what would she be watching during her snow day. Due to the fact that I recently started watching Parks and Rec (and have become slightly obsessed) that was clearly the show to promote. Plus as a total side note a couple of years ago I got her into the Office so it seemed like a natural suggestion.

Girl-Meets-WorldFast forward to later in the night when I’m driving home from work. Our conversations yesterday were the ying and yang of my day (I’m not sure if that analogy works here but I’m sticking with it). Naturally I asked what she did with her snow day and Schmoper got a little shy, almost as if she was hiding something. Naturally being a good friend I pushed and pushed until she finally broke and told me about her day. And I couldn’t have been more delighted. Turns out Schmoper was watching Netflix and searching for Parks and Rec when she happened to see something that sparked her interest. A little show called Girl Meets World, yes the sequel to the 90’s show Boy Meets World. Schmoper was a little embarrassed about her decision to binge watch, and it turns out I couldn’t be happier.

As a matter of fact the truth of the matter is I love Girl Meets World. I can’t help it. It’s just so charming and loveable, and it has feels. I’ve been watching it, inconsistently, in secret since it was released. Truth be told I was going to write a status on FaceySpace about it a couple of weeks ago and decided the time wasn’t right yet. Once I relayed this to Schmoper she couldn’t have been more ecstatic and at ease. And that’s what got me thinking.

I love making those connections with people. I’m very open with my geeky nature, it’s one of the things I’m most proud about. Not the fact that I’m a geek, but with how comfortable I am with myself. I know that not all people feel the same way as me. By this I mean not embracing their geeky side as openly as I do. I strongly believe that we’re all a little geeky we just express it differently (Sister Geek Status Update: My sister recently asked for Pop Vinyl suggestions for decoration purposes. I had to downplay my excitement so she wouldn’t change her mind. I’m so proud).

Back to the connections though. I think once one is made it helps put the other person at ease. It’s like “oh there’s some one else like me”, and that’s the greatest feeling to give someone. That feeling that they’re not alone. I know it’s silly to think someone feels alone because they like Girl Meets World, and I’m not saying that Schmoper does. I’m saying she was slightly embarrassed about watching and when I told her that I watched too she instantly became excited and we had a great talk about the show. I don’t know. I just think life would be so much better if we all expressed our geekiness openly. I think we’d be surprised how many people you’d connect with.


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