Geek Bits


Ever since I started I Am Geek my main objective has to maintain a steady writing schedule. Most mornings I wake up and do my morning routine (you know showering, getting dressed, hating the fact that my bed is now sans me) and I use this awful transition period to think about what I want to write about that night. For starters it helps get the brain juice pumping and it also gives me the entire day to really flesh out the idea. Although there are the days, like today, where I’m not entirely sure what to write about. All the ideas I’ve had today have been fleeting, and nothing to really build substance out of. Then it hit me. Why not just comprise a few of these ideas into one piece and call it Geek Bits A little daily dose of geekdom from various different areas… Sometimes my smartness even floors me.

  • The-Flash-and-SupergirlIt was announced yesterday that The Flash will be crossing over with Supergirl on the CBS show. DC has done a terrific job of building a shared universe through it’s television programs (Arrow, FlashLegends of Tomorrow, and even the NBC show Constantine). While I’m excited for the crossover I have been less than thrilled with Supergirl. As a matter of fact I stopped watching it. Just didn’t do it for me. Bringing in the Flash seems like a desperation ratings push, which I’m sure it is, that makes me doubt the longevity of the show. With that being said I’m still going to tune in March to see what happens. For starters it seems like this universes’s first acknowledgement of the Supes, and it’s a crossover episode. Why wouldn’t I watch that?!
  • civil-war-II-cover-96a7eMarvel released the cover art for Civil War II #0 this week. Captain Marvel and Iron Man are pictured, are main opposing forces, but so are She-Hulk and Warmachine. Wondering if these characters are going to have large roles when battle lines get drawn. I know that the current arc of Iron Man is supposed to be a prelude to Civil War II and Warmachine was heavy in the cover art. This event still has my attention.
  • Last week JK Rowling announced the names of more wizarding schools around the world. I’ll tell you this, the one in Japan sounds dope as hell! Why can’t she just write another book at this point? Sigh.
  • I was talking to my sister tonight after work, and we started talking about Arrow. The progression of my sister’s geekdom continues to brighten my day. As we talked possible theories, her obsession of the cast (mostly Stephen Amell), and our possible going to the Heroes & Villains con in July, I couldn’t help but marvel at how geeky she is. Makes me happy. Goals for 2016 are to get her to read an issue of Ms. Marvel.
  • news_photo_71169_1454447964_630My favorite piece of news lately is that last week the cast of Guardians of the Galaxy got together to do a table read for the sequel. Chris Pratt and James Gunn have both been posting images on instagram showing how things are coming along. The picture of the walkman with Awesome Mix Vol. 2 in it was enough to entirely make my week. I’ve wanted this movie like yesterday.
  • Miles Morales wielded Captain America’s shield. That is all.
  • Next week’s Week In Geek is going to be pretty epic. Prepare yourselves.

I will conclude the first ever Geek Bits with a video of someone making a pancake that looks like Rick from Rick and Morty. Right?! Yeah, I’m hungry too.

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