Spider-Man # 1


Do I even have to say it? There be spoilers ahead…

Welcome back Miles Morales! Man, have I missed this book. Believe it or not it’s almost been a year since Miles’s monthly book went off the shelf (I posted a panel from the last issue to my instagram and that happened 43 weeks ago. I couldn’t believe it either!). There was something anticlimactic about the way his Ultimate Universe ended and lead me to believe that there would be more for him in the upcoming Secret Wars and Ultimate End titles. Needless to say this was not the case. Miles was just a blip throughout those stories, which I especially found frustrating during the Ultimate End series. The Ultimate Universe had more or less become a mess, and the only title that was selling was Ultimate Spider-Man. Why would you only use the character in the last book in a very talky issue that was more confusing then anything.

We knew that coming out of Secret Wars that Miles would be joining the main Marvel universe as the Spider-Man, and I was pretty pumped that the character wouldn’t fall by the wayside. I turned to Miles as Spider-Man when I got frustrated with Dan Slott’s Spider-Man run. The whole Doc Oc in the body of Peter Parker was turning me off a bit and I was looking for something more Spider-Manish from my Spider-Man title. Enter Miles Morales and Ultimate Spider-Man. Problem was solved big time. The book had everything that made Spider-Man books great. You know the coming of age, trying to balance a life and be a superhero, along with a great supporting cast, and the feels. My god did that book have feels. Bendis truly understood the character at his core and what made him tick. I consumed the series at a lightning pace. As a side note when I found Miles Morales run as Spider-Man I was going through some difficult life events, and the binge reading of this book kind of helped me escape a bit. Miles was there for me in a way I desperately needed, and ever since then he’s held a special place in my heart.

Which brings us to today. After months and months of waiting, while the rest of the All New All Different Marvel took off, Spider-Man #1 finally was released. I was so worried that the book would lose some of it’s appeal now being a part of the larger Marvel universe, and happily I had nothing to fear what so ever. Instantly the book felt like being home. Bendis’s dialogue was crisply on point, and the banter between Miles and Ganke comes across as two legit best friends discussing girls (they’re relationship has been one of my biggest selling points of this series.). Miles does come across a smidge bit shallow when he admits to wanting to go on a date with a girl because she’s hot, but Ganke is there to re-store balance.

One of my biggest fears for the series is the return of Miles’s mother, a reward for his contributions during Secret Wars, and as of right now the book doesn’t seem overly concerned in discussing the issue. Her presence is brief and serves more of a reminder to the audience that she is back from the dead. It also appears that she has no memory of Miles being Spider-Man which I find curious. Is this like Mom 2.0 or are somethings lost in the resurrection process? Her death was so important to the foundation of Miles as Spider-Man that I hope that it doesn’t negate any of that character development.

IMG_0173For those wondering if this was just a talky book, fear not, as the action takes up the last half of the book and it is fierce. Miles superhero game is strong as he battles a demon while the rest of the Avengers lay in heaps around him, thus helping establish him as a true force. For me the highlight of the book was Miles using the Captain America shield to ward off the demons attacks (“Oh my god, do I? Do I dare? Guess I do dare. (I hope someone is filming this)”). Seriously geeked out hard about that! The book ends with Miles chasing off the demon, and the arrival of Peter Parker’s Spider-Man and he’s pissed. Not entirely sure why though. Should be interesting.

My major complaint about this issue is the art. While at times it looks stellar (the images of Miles wielding the shield are fantastic), the non costumed aspects of the book look kind of awkward. For starters I was not really happy with the overall appearance of Miles and Ganke. I know that puberty is an awkward transition but the art just makes them kind of look like aliens and weirdos. Hopefully going forward that changes. Good thing that the dialogue and the overall return of Miles to the Marvel universe help distract from the panels that look kind of off.

Looking forward to what this new chapter brings for Miles, but most of all I’m just excited to have a Miles Morales book to look forward to every month.

Final Verdict: 8.4 out of 10

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