Harry Potter #8?!?!?!?!


Picture this Geeklings. My work day is almost over and I’m sitting at my desk trying to get things done. It’s been a busy/productive last couple of days. Not to toot my own horn but I’ve been in the zone. Any way I get an im from my friend Stephers but due to being busy I can’t read it. It takes me a little while but I finally open it up and see she has written five things with a lot of exclamation points (I mean a lot). “Harry Potter 8 July 2016”. I’m sorry what?! I immediately ignored all the work that I had in front of me and called her extension to the get the scoop. After I was done talking to her I talked to my friend Jen and told her the news (which she apparently already knew and neglected to tell me. But she’s been super busy so I’ll let it slide… for now). While I was talking to Jen I texted my sister and our friend Michael (both of whom knew and also didn’t tell me!). Excitement levels were high.

The very idea of a new Harry Potter book is all types of exciting. I mean how do you even put that in words? What I have been able to learn about the book is that it’s actually a script to an upcoming play and takes place almost twenty years after the epilogue of Deathly Hallows. The main focus will be on Harry’s youngest son, Albus, and will deal with living in his father’s shadow and darkness from unexpected places. The problems of fame and legacy and magic and dark wizards and, and, and and…In other words, shut up and take my money. The story has that Star Wars type of feel to it in a way. Wouldn’t it be something if Harry’s son goes dark?! I just love shit like that.

With the book approaching in July my great re-reading of Harry Potter seems so perfectly timed. I’ll be way done with the series by then and be able to transition smoothly into the new story. In the upcoming days I’ll be able to form some real thoughts on what I’d like to see out of this book? Play? Script? And I’ll write a more detailed post then. But right now I just want to celebrate the fact that the world of Harry Potter is returning. What a great and random gift for this muggle!

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