My Week In Geek 2/22/16

There is a war currently being waged. This war is taking place inside my body as my immune system tries valiantly to ward off the sickness that is trying to infiltrate my body. I fear to report that my immune system might actually be losing this battle. I feel slightly feverish and hot, achy, can’t decide if I’m hungry, going to puke, or shit myself, and my skin is on the verge of of howling when anything touches it. My fellow Geeklings, I believe that I’m getting sick. All I hope for is that my immune system can fight the good fight long enough for me to watch Monday Night Raw and The X-Files finale, but I don’t think that’s in the cards. What is in the cards is this weeks Week In Geek so let me get to it before my body gives in.

xfiles-s10ep41. The X-Files Finale– It seems like just yesterday that The X-Files returned to our TV sets bringing a much needed sense of nostalgia and weirdness. I’m saving my review for the shortened season for another day, but instead would like to focus on tonight’s episode and the possible answers it could bring. My hope is that it ends on a bit of a cliffhanger leaving the door open to a season 11.

image2. Green Arrow on Legends of Tomorrow– If you know the comic books then you are fully aware that the Green Arrow looks a tad bit different than his TV counterpart. It’s easy to say that he’s not as dreamy but more importantly he’s sporting that glorious golden goatee (holy accidental alliteration). This week we catch a glimpse of Oliver in the future, goatee and all. From what I understand the show is taking a Dark Knight Returns (one arm and all I hear) approach here so it should be very interesting.

new-daredevil-season-2-art-and-motion-poster-relea_tt39.6403. Daredevil Season 2 Trailer Part II- Well part one seemed to focus mainly on the Punisher, and the way the trailer ended, with Elektra showing up, one could probably safely assume that she will be the focus point for part two of this trailer. We’ll know for sure on the 28th but if it’s anything like the first trailer then March can’t get here fast enough.

FullSizeRender (3)4. Mom’s watching Arrow– My mother is getting her binge on again and this time with Arrow. Cue the text messages and empty questions of wanting to know what happens next.

IMG_16525. Master of None liked my Instagram photo- This morning I picked up a Martinellis apple juice, as seen in Master of None, and posted a picture of it to Instagram with the caption “Master of None inspired morning beverages“. Then this afternoon that picture got liked by none other then the official Master of None Instagram account. I feel like I’ve made it people. Making strides and drinking fine apple juice in fun bottles. Huzzah!

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