My Week In Geek 2/22/16

There is a war currently being waged. This war is taking place inside my body as my immune system tries valiantly to ward off the sickness that is trying to infiltrate my body. I fear to report that my immune system might actually be losing this battle. I feel slightly feverish and hot, achy, can’t decide if I’m hungry, going to puke, or shit myself, … Continue reading My Week In Geek 2/22/16

The Master of Relating

Last week I finished¬†Master of None¬†around Tuesday or Wednesday…I think it was Wednesday, maybe. That’s besides the point. I tried my best to savor the show, but I couldn’t keep myself away. I needed more. I needed to take this journey full circle. This lead to me binge watching the last three episodes with a glass of red wine (I’m just getting into red wine … Continue reading The Master of Relating