Oh Captain! Big Fan

I’ve been sitting here watching my cursor blink for the last couple of minutes. I decided earlier that I was going to save my Civil War review for Sunday which leads me questioning what to focus on tonight. Why Sunday, you ask? Well I’m still pooling my thoughts and want to make sure I articulate my thoughts properly. Also I’m seeing it again tomorrow night #noshame. Everyone knows the second viewing is almost the better experience. The first time you’re riding the hype train and just so freakin’ excited to finally be watching. When it comes to the second you’re a little more relaxed and able to take in the movie as a movie and less of an event. Does that make sense?

If I was going to do a quick overview I think I would use the word “wow”, and probably quite a lot. Like I said I really want to articulate my thoughts and after a long Friday all I have is an outline of thoughts. Honestly I’ve been replaying the movie over and over in my head all day, and it even found a way to seep into my dreams last night with a whole bunch of deleted scenes that make no sense to the overall narrative of the film. For example Ant-Man and Spider-Man do a team up mission that I think involved ghosts and resulted in some pretty awesome Ghostbuster references. Now that I think about it, that was pretty awesome actually. I also discovered an alternate ending that was a bit surprising. I’m surprised the dream adaptation of the film didn’t include it.

One of the overall feelings that Civil War left me with is this uncontrollable need to lock myself up in the Fortress of Nerditude and just binge read comics all day long while Marvel movies play on constant rotation in the background. Which is something that I’m going to try and incorporate into my nightly activities on this rainy Friday. I’ll be laying low tonight as I have to wake up early for a  Free Comic Book Day excursion (tune in tomorrow for those awesome results) which should leave me with plenty of comic book reading time. Well I do need to watch Orphan Black too and maybe write my review for Fan Fest. Although there’s a chance that could wait until tomorrow. Undecided.

While I won’t be exploring my full thoughts just yet I will say Civil War just makes me happy to be a comic book fan. I love this culture. I love this medium. I’m glad I picked up that issue ten years ago.

See everyone tomorrow for my Free Comic Book Day report (I’m meeting Scott Snyder eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee). And if you choose to go see Civil War tonight… I’m jealous. Happy viewing!

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