The Best Feeling


Is there anything better then new book day? I’m not entirely sure if there is. While the feels from Harry Potter still ring pretty strongly in my heart, I can’t let myself be too distracted or put off from reading as I am trying to read thirty books this year. My Goodreads goal is at forty but I count graphic novels in that one. What? Those are totally books too!

Last night I finished part three of the Green Mile, which I keep wanting to call 8 Mile, as kind of way to bridge myself away from Harry Potter and into something new. The serialized version of the Green Mile gives me enough story where it’s not too much of a commitment and shows me that I can care for other characters (or in this case a mouse) again. Once that was done I couldn’t get on Amazon quick enough to download Joe Hill’s new book, The Fireman. I’ve been looking forward to this book for quite some time and thought it would serve as a good jumping point for the next part of my reading list.

Honestly, I was thinking about reading all day and was itching to get to lunch, which of course was later than anticipated because work reasons. It was like the universe was taunting me. Finally after what seemed like forever I took my break, heated up my food, and busted open my book. And the most incredible thing happened. I instantly fell in love.

You know when you pick up a book and start reading and you get that feeling in your chest that you’re reading exactly what you’re supposed to be reading at exactly the time you’re supposed to be reading it? I’ve had that happen to me a few times. One of the ones that stands out the most is when I read Silver Lining Playbook but that was a different type of feeling but close enough for government work. As soon as I opened The Fireman I knew that this book had me, and truth be told I’m only 10% through the book. I’m still getting to know the main character, Harper, and learn about the fire virus that is sweeping the world. But that’s the thing. I need to learn about these things. It’s actually causing me pain that I’m not holding Gandalf the Kindle right now while my eyes pour over this story.

I don’t know if the book will be able to maintain that type of feel for me, that’s why we read, but I have strong feelings that it will. All I know is that once I picked this book up and started reading I was instantly submerged in it’s universe and in love. I just want to spend all day there. And that my fellow Geeklings, is the absolute best feeling in the world. That feeling where you pick up a book and know that you and it are going to have a tremendous relationship. That the two of you are going to learn things about each other, fall in love, and suffer heart break. There is no better feeling then picking up your new favorite book.

Before I leave you to sneak in another chapter or two, I can only hope that all of you experience this feeling at least once this year. Let the love for stories find you and course through your veins. For reading is everything and stories make the world go round.

See everyone on Friday!

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